Reasons Why Sleep Is Just As Important As Working Out And Eating Healthy

Reasons Why Sleep Is Just As Important As Working Out And Eating Healthy

People always advertise and emphasize exercising and healthy eating when it comes to wellness. Though they’re right, they’re also missing something out—sleeping and recovery. Sure, eating right and moving more is great but if you’re not getting adequate sleep and allowing your body to recover, your efforts will go down the drain. Here are reasons why that is.

6 Eco-Friendly Ideas For Last Minute Holiday Prep

6 Eco-Friendly Ideas For Last Minute Holiday Prep

Last minute preparations are often tiring and rushed that’s why people resort to convenience over eco-consciousness. Demands on our time and resources put pressure on us year round, so when the Fall and Winter months creep up, thinking about the environment and ways to scale back on potentially wasteful holiday plans can be difficult. But keeping it green doesn’t have to be daunting, here are some tips that you may find handy as the holidays approach.

5 Foods That Will Help Your Body Keep Going On Colder Days To Come

5 Foods That Will Help Your Body Keep Going On Colder Days To Come

Even if you don’t live in a country with the winter season, you’ll still notice that the days are starting to feel a little colder around the last quarter of the year. When this happens, aside from bringing out your jackets, your body also starts craving for different foods. This is because you unconsciously start wanting anything that warms up the body’s core temperature a little, something that is rather important in terms of general well-being, especially when it comes to physical activity, as muscles work far better when they are warm.

Tips To Eat Healthier For Yourself And The Environment

Tips To Eat Healthier For Yourself And The Environment

Chiropractic care may be focused on the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine but chiropractors understands that patients are so much more than just spine. This is why they always say that they aim not just to relieve pain but to improve your overall health. In order to achieve that, you need to feed your body healthy foods that contain vitamins and nutrients from vegetables, fruits, lean meat, whole grains, and healthy fats.

Common Causes Of Bad Posture And The Things You Can Do To Correct Them

Common Causes Of Bad Posture And The Things You Can Do To Correct Them

Do you always find yourself suffering from neck or back pain?  That could be a sign of having poor posture since poor one puts a lot of strain on the affected muscle, ligaments and joints. Being on a bad position all the time forces body parts like the back, neck, and shoulders to carry more unnecessary weight that they wouldn’t have to if you just fix your posture. This habit causes pain all the time.

Ways To Have A Balance Work-Fitness Schedule

Ways To Have A Balance Work-Fitness Schedule

It’s been said over and over again that the human body is designed for movement, and yet more and more people are being chained to their chairs. Not only because most people now have a desk job but also because sometimes they have crazy work-schedules. Save yourself from that and stay fit despite your job! Here are some tips that may help you with that.

Ways To Finish That Weekend Project Safely

Ways To Finish That Weekend Project Safely

With your busy work and life schedules, weekends are the only time to squeeze in some DIY projects or catch up on house repairs. Although that’s great, sometimes accidents happen and you get injured, especially if you’re not very familiar or skilled with the work you’re attempting to do. But don’t worry, here are some tips that will help you get through it safely.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Overeating

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Overeating

An occasional cheat meal is okay and could help keep you motivated to continue eating healthy and clean. However, if that turns into every weekend or worst every day, that a totally different story. That cannot only mess all your hard work at the gym but it can also result to other problems.

6 Ways To Recover From Training Hard

6 Ways To Recover From Training Hard

If you want to exercise to be part of your routine, remember it is a marathon, not a sprint. Plan your gym schedule in a way that you’ll be able to sustain it in your day to day living, instead of treating it like a month or two challenges. Aside from that, you have to allow your body to recover as well because that’s when your gains happen.  

7 Ways To Stay Sane At The Office

7 Ways To Stay Sane At The Office

It’s challenging to stay healthy and productive and not to mention less stressed in a place that makes you sit all day and do repetitive tasks. But no matter how challenging it is, it’s definitely not impossible! Here are some tips that may help you along the way.

10 Questions That Will Help You Find The Right Chiropractor

10 Questions That Will Help You Find The Right Chiropractor

Not all back pain or musculoskeletal problem is the same. Your back pain may have a different cause than the person next to you suffering the same condition. Having said that, don’t assume that just any chiropractor is right for you. Here are some questions that will help you find the right one to make sure that the partnership will be a good fit.

9 Ways To Prevent Your Back Pain From Ruining Your Vacation

9 Ways To Prevent Your Back Pain From Ruining Your Vacation 2.jpg

Going on a vacation is often how we escape from our amazing yet oftentimes stressful life and job. Therefore, you have to make sure that you have nothing but a smooth getaway which starts from your travel to and from your destination. Believe me when I say that a car ride or flight can wreck a trip because of back pain. Here are some tips that can help you keep that from happening to you and have a blast on your vacation.


1.  Visit The Chiropractic Clinic Before And After Your Trip

Flying can be stressful especially when you fly during the holiday season. Don’t let back or neck pain makes it even worst! Pre-flight and post-flight spinal adjustments let you get comfortable aboard and get off pain-free. Chiropractors can help prepare the back for this change in activity. Chiropractors will search for and remove restrictions in the spine, which then leads to less discomfort. With regular visits, they can keep the back in a state of wellness, which may even keep the pain away in the future. If you start visits before traveling begins, it can help prepare the back and body beforehand. And if you continue the practice while traveling, it may bring about, even more, benefit by removing any restrictions picked up along the way.


2. Sit Properly

Don’t hunch over to the steering wheel. It’ll only strain your neck and shoulders. Instead, let your shoulder blades rest at the back of your seat with your bottom all the way back.


3. Don’t Sit On Your Wallet

For those who put wallets in their back pocket, always remember to take it out when you drive or even sit. Sitting on your wallet creates an asymmetry or imbalance that distorts your pelvis and hips which can lead to all sorts if issues from pain to degeneration.


4. Keep Your Knees Lower Than Your Hips Throughout The Journey

Remember that your spine has a natural curve, so when you sit, don’t try to sit too straight. You can roll a towel and put it against the small of your back and the chair to make sure support this slight natural curvature without a lot of conscious effort.


5. Pull Into Rest Stops

If you know your destination will be hours away, then pull into rest stops at least every hour or two. Rest, stretch everything out or take a walk to loosen up everything so that you don’t arrive at your destination feeling stiff all over.


6. Try To Book Or Request An Aisle Seat

This is the best spot for you to easily stand up and stretch, something you’ll appreciate especially when you’re in a 17-hour flight.


7. Get Up And Move Every Few Hours

If you have a history of back problem, it’s crucial that you get up and move every few hours. You can simply explain your condition to your fellow travelers and the crew if you’re worried about upsetting or disturbing them during the flight.


8. Know How To Lift Properly

Carry-ons go in the overhead compartment of the aircraft. So if you have a medium-size suitcase you’ll have to lift that up there yourself. To avoid getting injured, learn how to properly lift. Bend your hips and knees to squat down to your luggage, keep it close to your body, and straighten your legs to lift. Avoid turning or twisting your body while lifting or holding a heavy suitcase.


9. Choose Carry-Ons Wisely

When it comes to carry-ons, opt for a proper backpack rather than a shoulder bag. Lugging a shoulder bag often leads to excessive strain on the neck, shoulders and lower back. By making use of a backpack you’ll distribute the weight more evenly, reducing the potential strain. And pack as light as possible. If you don't need something before you get to your destination don’t carry it with you onto the plane, pack it in your checked luggage instead.



Proper Posture And You!

Proper Posture And You!

Can you still remember when your mom used to nag you about standing or sitting properly? And it really irritated you a lot, didn’t it? But if you know how important good posture is, you could’ve appreciated her efforts of instilling those to you. Hope this read does it to you and encourage you to pay attention to your posture more.  

Top 9 Ways Your Body Is Telling You That You’re Overtraining

Top 9 Ways Your Body Is Telling You That You’re Overtraining

Working out is one of the most important ways in order to maintain a fit and healthy body. However, everything that’s too much is not good even when it comes to training. Here are the signs that training is becoming a borderline addiction for you and it’s probably time to reassess your goals and seek a knowledgeable and experienced personal trainer who can quickly help you get your training back on track.

Nutrition Mistakes That Endurance Athletes Make

Nutrition Mistakes That Endurance Athletes Make.jpg

Endurance is one of the most important qualities an athlete must have in order to be good at what he does. Otherwise, it would be impossible to perform properly and exquisitely throughout a game. This is the reason why there are some athletes who turn to doping to help them get through an entire competition. However, they would never have to depend on banned athletic performance-enhancing drugs if they adapt proper ways to provide nutrition for their bodies. Yes, training hones your skills but proper nutrition gives your body the fuel that it needs to keep going. Here are some mistakes that endurance athletes are probably making when it comes to nutrition.


Excess Hydration

It’s natural to keep themselves hydrated while playing a rigorous sport right? Well, what many (even athletes) don’t realize is that excess hydration can lead to severe physiological circumstances, including death. This is because the risk of dilutional hyponatremia increases substantially when an athlete repeatedly consumes more than 30 fluid ounces (nearly 890 ml) per hour. Athletes often do very well under most conditions with a fluid intake of 20-25 ounces per hour.


Simple Sugar Consumption

For endurance athletes, it’s best to steer clear from simple sugars like fructose, sucrose, and glucose because they cannot provide adequate calories to sustain energy production. Better opt for complex carbohydrates with no added simple sugar. This way you’re still getting the same amount of energy you need in your body without consuming unnecessary sugar.


Improper Amount Of Calorie

Athletes assume that they only have to consume average calories that they lose on an hour of playing. However, that’s taking away other variables like temperature, and other circumstances like change of game plan and overtime due to unexpected occurrences. Your body can't replenish calories as fast as it uses them and trying to replace calories with an equal or near equal amount of calories in usually suffer digestive maladies and experienced poor outcome on the game. So when it comes to calorie intake, you should focus on the least amount that your body needs to keep your body going for hours after hours.


Inconsistent Electrolyte Supplementation

Just because you already had your fluids and calories in doesn’t mean you’re set for a long and demanding sport. Electrolytes are necessary for your body to maintain smooth performance of vital functions such as muscle contraction. Cramping and spasms happen when your body lacks electrolytes while training or playing. Although, most types of cramp and muscle spasm respond very well to chiropractic treatment you should do what you can to prevent it from happening in the first place. Since inconsistent electrolyte supplementation is often the cause, you should make it a point that you monitor your intake. You don't want to wait until you start cramping before you replenish these important minerals.


No Protein During Prolonged Exercise

When exercise extends beyond about two hours, your body begins to utilize some protein to fulfill its energy requirements, as you begin to derive glucose from amino acids. If you fail to include protein in your fuel, your body has only one other choice: your own muscle! This leads to muscle deterioration and increased fatigue-causing ammonia accumulation. If you want to be able to go for more than two to three hours, you should inject protein into your pre-training meal aside from carbohydrates.


Too Much Solid Food During Exercise

Too much solid food consumption will divert blood from working muscles for the digestive process. So during workouts or races in the 12 hour-or-under range, liquid nutrition is more advised for ultra-endurance athletes. This is because liquid nutrition is the easiest, most convenient, and most easily digested way to get a calorie and nutrient-dense fuel. Solid food, for the most part, cannot match the precision or nutrient density of the best liquid fuels.


Using Something New In A Race Without Having Tested It In Training

Unless you're absolutely desperate and willing to accept the consequences, do not try anything new in competition, be it equipment, fuel, or tactics. These all must be tested and refined in training. Otherwise you’d only risk putting all your hard work in training in jeopardy.


Sticking With Your Game Plan Even When It’s Not Working

Athletes, who stubbornly maintain the same fuel intake hour after hour, even when it's clearly not working, end up with poorer results, if they finish at all. Yes, consistency is important during a workout or race, however, you should know how to listen to what your body is telling you. If you feel that you need more than your usual calorie intake for the competition then feed your body more. Evaluate and adjust accordingly as race pace and weather dictate.  


Chiropractic care may be focused on the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine but chiropractors understands that patients are so much more than just spine. This is why they always say that they aim not just to relieve pain but to improve your overall health. In order to achieve that, you need to feed your body healthy foods that contain vitamins and nutrients from vegetables, fruits, lean meat, whole grains, and healthy fats. But, when it comes to nutrition, there are still a lot of athletes with habits that are actually detrimental not only to their health but as well as their performance. Don’t be one of those athletes and learn the right way to feed your body.

8 Things About Sleep And Recovery That Athletes Should Know

8 Things About Sleep And Recovery That Athletes Should Know

Athletes spend the majority of their time in training and participating in their chosen sports or event. The idea is if you want to improve you have to train harder. Because of this, most of them tend to neglect sleep and recovery. What they don’t realize is that skimping on both of those can single-handedly halt your gains, increase your risk for injury in the gym or on the road, and hinder processes in your body that regulate, well, pretty much everything. Here are the reasons why sleep and recovery are also just as important in your routine as an athlete.

10 Unexpected And Bizarre Side Effects Of Exercising


Working out helps you have a fit and healthy body right? Well, that’s true but apparently that’s not all exercising can do to your body. Here are some of the things you wouldn’t expect exercising results to.

Top 10 Possible Causes Of Fitness Or Muscle Building Plateau

Top 10 Possible Causes Of Fitness Or Muscle Building Plateau

Contrary to popular beliefs, working out and dieting aren’t the only things that help you achieve the body that you want, especially if you’re trying to build muscles. Having said that, those aren’t the only factors that slow down your progress either. It’s not just because you’re training too little or eating the wrong foods, sometimes there are daily activities that affects your progress too.

Warm Up: 6 Ways You’re Not Doing It Right

Warm Up 6 Ways You’re Not Doing It Right.jpg

Okay so you warm up every time before you work out? Good, but the question is, are you doing it right? Here are some signs that you might not so that you can correct them the next time you go for exercise. Because you can’t just do it, but you have to do it right, otherwise the purpose is lost.


1.   You Don’t Really Understand Why It’s Necessary

Don’t just mindlessly stretch before every workout. Really focus on performing it because this helps prepare your entire body instead of just jumping right into the workout. Your muscles need to receive nutrient rich blood, your joints require lubrication to be able to last an hour of exercise and avoid injury. Warm Up is what gives your muscles and joints those things that they need before any kind of workout.  


2.   Rushing Through It

Warm Up is just as important as the workout itself. So, just as you need to complete an exercise to the last count, you need to do the same to your workout. Don’t cut it short thinking you’ll get the same benefits in the actual exercise. Know that your body can’t go from 0 intensity and blast into 10; you have to ease into it. And you do that by warming up for at least 15 minutes before going right into your work sets. If you do this, you’ll notice that you’re more flexible and you don’t feel as strained to exercise.


3.   Not Preparing The Entire Body

If you think that just because your workout program for today is focused on your legs so you don’t have to warm up your upper body, think again. Remember that even though you’re only training a specific part of your body, you entire body would still have to exert effort for you to perform those exercises. So don’t leave out any part of your body when it comes to warm ups. Work from your feet up. Every part of your body needs to be prepared especially if you’re using weights.


4.   Not Preparing The Mind

What your mind can conceive your body can achieve. That remains true whether you look at it figuratively or literally. You can’t walk into the gym half asleep; otherwise you either won’t get the most out of the workout or suffer unfortunate injury because your mind isn’t where your body is. We all know how the lack of concentration can affect the outcome of whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish. So before you storm into the workout, visualize how you want it to go about and your body will definitely follow suit.


5.   You Don’t Focus On Flexibility

Trying to work out without loosening up your entire body is a perfect recipe for injury. That’s because you fail to gradually increasing the heart rate and circulation as well as loosen the joints and increase blood flow to the muscles. Stretching every part of your body, though you’re only training one part, makes your posture so that you maintain correct form every time as well as maximizes your ability to do a specific workout. Always stretch and hold each muscle group for 20-30 seconds each.


6.   10 Reps With The Bar

When you workout with weights, you have to consider how heavy you’re planning to tackle. If you plan on handling hundreds of pounds for numerous reps, lifting 45 pounds for 10 reps as your warm up doesn’t cut it. That weight and repetition is not enough to prepare your body to take on your target weight. You need to perform at least 3 warm up sets so that you muscles can get a better feel of what’s coming. Work your way up to the weight you want to lift. This way, it won’t shock your muscles when you attempt to do that hundred-pound deadlift or bench press.  


Exercising is important to maintain overall health, however if you fail to warm up properly or worse don’t do it at all, you’re setting yourself up to some serious injury. What happens then is that instead of enjoying the health benefits of working out, you end up suffering injury because you fail to prepare your muscles and joints for it. Good thing there are a lot of chiropractors in Singapore who are well experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with sports injuries along with related injuries. So in case you get injured while working out, consult a chiropractor right away to avoid making your condition get worse by leaving it untreated.