How much does chiropractic cost? Any Free trial? Any first time promotions? What about packages? If I refer a friend, can I get a free treatment? 

I'm asked this so often, I think it's about time to write this. I know chiropractic is not cheap. I also know it's NOT EXPENSIVE. And I know that bargain hunting for great healthcare is not a good idea. Here's food for thought: Simple Maths to see if Chiropractic is Worth its Weight in Gold


Instead of looking at the price, Ask yourself what are you paying for?

Ever been to a dentist who tells you that you can have a free trial? 
Ever heard a cardiologist, oncologist, orthopaedic surgeon or other specialist tell you that if you sign up 2x surgeries and 6x follow up consultations, that he will give you 50% off? 

Ever had a lawyer advertise that for everyone having their first lawsuit, you get a 70% discount? 
What about a gynaecologist? "If you come here for your first child, your 2nd and 3rd child is free?" 
Or a University - Buy one degree, get a masters free? 

Yes, we get what we pay for! I'd think twice if a heart surgeon told me he's got a promotion for first time clients. Or if a accountant told me I'd get a free trial. Why would you want to do a 'deal' on your own health?! 

ASK YOURSELF: Are you looking to solve a problem (eg get rid of the headaches or shoulder pain?) Or just get some temporary relief?

If you're looking for fast, cheap, pain relief - Panadol (paracetamol) - or other pain killers is the absolute BEST option. At $2 - $3 for a whole box, and almost instant relief the moment you swallow, you can't get a better deal than that! .... But it's just temporarily, artificially controlling your body. 

So what's the alternative?

#GetAdjusted . Seek chiropractic treatment. Why? Check out the 3 reasons why pain doesn't get better here: (link)

So what's chiropractic treatment? I can't speak for others, but for me it's 3-fold. It addresses the:

    • Muscle Tension, Muscle spasm, muscle aches, stiffness, strength/weakness, and muscle activation 
    • Corrects the subluxations, misalignments, imbalances, joint restrictions, grinding, compression, 'shifted' bones, 'slipped' discs (disc protrusions), poor spinal curves (eg scoliosis, forward head posture etc)
    • It's sport and activity specific. I work with different athletes who need different adjustments, different workout routines, different recovery sessions, different muscles and different treatment. Each visit is NEVER the same! 
    • In other words, it is like a F1 race car mechanic. We need to service all the parts and make them work together effectively and efficiently 
    • Enhances the connectivity and nerve signals that are transmitted bi-directional between the brain and body. This allows the body to heal faster as the body can control and coordinate the healing more effectively and efficiently.
    • Imagine singing to your favourite song while wearing headphones. To you, you sing at the top of your lungs in tune and sound amazing since you hear the artist singing it perfectly. However your mate sitting next to you is getting a headache and staring in horror because their ears hurt. This is an example of poor Brain-Body connection. It simply means that what's actually happening is not what your brain thinks is happening. That's a recipe for disaster when you brain thinks everything works well - when you have pain = it actually doesn't work well! 

So what do you decide?

Just remember to get clear on what you want: Pain relief, or Fix the problem? Pain relief is easy. Pain medication is relatively cheap and instant. It doesn't fix the problem but it's great for pain relief. One chiropractic adjustment can also provide instant pain relief for a few days or if you're lucky a few weeks. However, solving the problem and helping the body heal and get better is a completely different process. 

Just like comparing a 'cheap' $200 phone to a ' more expensive' $1000+ Samsung7 or iPhone 7 , there's a huge difference in the experience, value, benefits, results and what it can do for you. 

A 'cheap' $2 panadol vs 'more expensive' chiropractic treatment option is also a huge difference. One artificially controls how you feel pain and is only temporary. Worse still, you could become immune to its effects, rendering it useless. The other option helps your body heal, allow it to work at it's best and feel better so you can enjoy life. 

I certainly understand that you may need to think about it - the costs (investments), your options, etc. If you have any questions, concerns, or want to come in to get a second opinion, you can always reach out. I'm always happy to help.