6 Eco-Friendly Ideas For Last Minute Holiday Prep.jpg

Last minute preparations are often tiring and rushed that’s why people resort to convenience over eco-consciousness. Demands on our time and resources put pressure on us year round, so when the Fall and Winter months creep up, thinking about the environment and ways to scale back on potentially wasteful holiday plans can be difficult. But keeping it green doesn’t have to be daunting, here are some tips that you may find handy as the holidays approaches.


1.      Make A List And Set A Time Limit

The holidays are the busiest days for most people. Not only because you’re trying to clear some work before the holidays hit but also because you’re also busy preparing for the celebrations on top of that. Because of this, it’s completely normal to cut it close and do last minute shopping. To make sure you don’t over shop or end up buying things you don’t need, make a list before grocery shopping or gift shopping. This will keep you from absentmindedly grabbing stuff.


2.      Try DIY

It may seem like a ridiculous idea to squeeze in some DIY projects during the final hours but simple decors don’t really take that much time. Plus this keeps you from purchasing decors you’re most likely only use one time so why not reuse what you already have or repurpose random stuff in the house.


3.      Buy Gifts For Use Not For The Big Reveal

You know why a lot of gifts end up unused or, as harsh as it may sound, in the trash? That’s because people tend to focus on the gift opening moment instead of how the recipient will actually use it in real life. So stay away from generic holiday gifts like calendar, picture frames, or holiday candles. Go for things that they can actually find use for in hopefully a daily basis like bath towel, something the person is actually trying to buy for herself/himself, or better yet go for an experience gift like ticket to a concert or movie you know they’ll love.


4.      Keep Food And Alcohol More Eco-Friendly

Try to opt for local farms, artisan producers, wineries and breweries when planning meals and fixings, as this supports small business and sustainable practices and scales back on transportation and shipping costs. Try to stay away from convenience foods that come with excess packaging.


5.      Wrap Gifts Sustainably

If you know your loved ones won’t mind skip the gift wrap because, honestly, it’ll just end up in the trash anyway. But if you must, use something to wrap the gifts with what you already have like old scarves or reuse wrapping paper from the gifts you received.


6.      Seek Chiropractic Care

Holidays season means fun and feast but also means staying late at the office to finish all the work before the holiday and going home to more work because of all the preparations. With all of that it can be easy to slack off when it comes to your health and wellness! Instead of relying on energy drinks to get through it seek chiropractic care to make sure you’ll be up and about throughout and even after the holidays. By seeing your chiropractor here in Singapore regularly, you can help to correct any joint restrictions and dysfunctions that may be plaguing you and keep your body in check to make sure you’re in good condition which helps keep you productive. This will also help to support a healthy immune system, which is very important as cold and flu season approaches!