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Just when you thought you’ve done everything you could to keep off the weight, you’d be surprised something minor or major could actually be ruining your efforts. While a woman’s body has the tendency to hold on to a certain amount of fat, especially in the midsection area, some cases the problem can be traced directly to certain habits and lifestyle traps which can be remedied.  Here are some reasons why you might not be dropping those pounds.


Skipping Breakfast

Usually, people are too busy, running late, or settle with coffee as breakfast. The problem is not feeding yourself a proper meal in the morning will cause you to not have enough energy to last until lunch time and end up snacking (which is often an unhealthy food) to get by.


Being Stressed Out A Lot

Deadlines, bills, relationship troubles, and other family issues have a way to mess with our weight. It can spike the level of cortisol in the body and make you gain weight in your midsection. Not only that, there are people who resort to food or vices like alcohol drinking when they’re stressed which contributes to weight gain as well.


Sedentary Lifestyle

They say sitting is the new smoking. Not only can sitting for an extended period of time cause health issues, it also a reason why you might be struggling to shed pounds since insufficient physical activity leads to that. So even if you have a desk-bound job, find ways to interrupt sitting or squeeze more exercise in your routine like taking the stairs to your office instead of the elevator. Because of this lifestyle, some people not only gain weight but also develop musculoskeletal conditions which can make losing weight even more difficult. If this is your case, better consult a chiropractor right away to address your condition accordingly which when treated can help you lose weight in the process.


You Can’t Live Without Your Smartphone

Being addicted to mobile phones whether it’s for social media or games sure makes you lose some sleep. This is not good. Sleep deprivation slows down your metabolism and makes you crave for unhealthy food during those low-energy days due to not enough sleep.


Lack Of Vitamin D

UV rays are bad for the skin. However, being unexposed to the sun entirely means not enough vitamin D too, which is important for your everyday energy and mood. Take for example those with graveyard shift jobs who rarely see the sun, they are less likely to be up for a workout since they feel cranking.


Unhealthy Social Life

Going out is important to unwind, make friends and connect to the world. But if all you do when you go out with friends is drink alcohol, party all night, or pig out on fast food then it’s not a good idea too. Choose friends that motivate and encourage you to a healthy lifestyle.


Poor Diet

Not only that technology today is making things faster and easier, it has also lead to processed foods. Once in a while hotdogs or canned goods are fine, but living your life eating only those is bad news. Processed foods are packed with a lot of chemicals that are simply not just bad for your health but also make you gain more weight.  Make it a conscious effort to feed your body with organic and fresh foods more, like fruits and vegetables.


Genetic Makeup

Sometimes, you aren’t losing weight not because you're lazy or because of your food choices, but because you have a condition that makes it hard for you too. Inherited metabolic disorders like insulin-dependent diabetes, non-insulin-dependent diabetes, and insulin resistance make it difficult for some people to keep their weight in check.


Not Drinking Enough Water

You may think that this is counterintuitive because it’s often the water weight that makes you look bloated. However, drinking an adequate amount of water helps suppress your appetite so you’re less likely to overeat. Aside from that hydration is important for your kidney to function properly which helps you easily burn the fat that you consume.


You Work Out Regularly

Okay, calm down, let me elaborate. Yes, working out is good for your overall health and an important aspect of fitness. However, you cannot deny that after exercising you tend to be very hungry and tired so you eat more to compensate on that because you either feel like you’ve earned it or over-estimate how much you’ve burned. There are some people who struggle to balance that, so instead of losing weight because they work out a lot, they end up gaining weight.