Unlike other animals, us humans need a special day for courtship. And since we only get one day and one try, we need to ensure we pull it off well. So here's some essential last minute preparations that will give you (and your partner) the night of your lives!

They say size matters. Maybe. But I do know if you are as stiff as a log, (you, not your *ahem*) then it's going to be a pretty poor performance tonight. Of course if you're on the receiving end, and you're not a Yogi, you can pay attention too! It takes two to tango!

hip thrusts.gif

So let's start with the buttocks. Firm tight buns are desirable but lack of mobity and flexibility there limit all the action. Your power and drive Comes from your glute (buttock) muscles.

piriformis glute foam roller small.jpeg

Piriformis/glute How to: 

  1. Sit on the foam roller with your hands on the floor behind you. 

  2. Cross your right leg into a figure 4 and shift your weight to the rifht buttock muscle.

  3. Find some tight spots and release them before doing the same on the other side. 



Next is the lower back and pelvis. Too many people think that a bad back means bad sex. But as I wrote in an article for Her World magazine a year or two ago, that's simply not the case. Ask me for that article on recommend positions and other tricks to enjoy without any grimacing. For now, also work on your pelvis. 

foam roller sij small square.png

Pelvis How To: 

  1. Lie on your back, foam roller under your tailbone and point knees to the ceiling. 

  2. Using your hands to balance and your core muscles to control the movement, gently lower your knees to the right.  

  3. Pause and then bring your knees back the the centre and then to the left. (All the while using your core muscles to control the movement) repeat 10 times  

The spine is one of the most important part of your body because it protects the nervous system and because without it, we'd be floppy. So taking care of your spine is going to allow you to bend forward, backwards, sideways and any other way that allows you to take your bedroom acrobatics to a new level.

foam roller spine small square.png

Release the spine How To: 

  1. Lay on your back, roller under your shoulder blades.  
  2. Clasp hands behind head and bend knees so feet are flat on the floor
  3. Lift your butt and use your legs to roll up and down the spine from the base of your neck to the lowest ribs (not all the way to the pelvis!)  

Probably completely off the radar but is a super important love-making muscle is the adductor. Also known as The groin. And since late night exercises expend a lot of energy, getting your adductors ready will give you a fresh pair of legs to start. (And make you more receptive to touch, which is always a pleasurable thing!)

foam roller adductors small squa.png

Adductors how to: 

  1. Lie on your tummy, right hip and knee bent at 90 degrees to the side (think dog peeing?)  

  2. Place roller under the groin as near to the knee bone as possible but not on it! 

  3. Using your elbows and toes, lift your body and roll the adductor from he knee to the groin. Repeat on the other side. 


Now that your body is limber, let's revv the engine, flatten that belly and turn in the power. We begin with an ab routine. The core muscles, as you may already know, are essential to keep your stamina going, and prevent any sudden back strains. 

foam roller double climbers small square.png

Two leg climbers how to: 

  1. Get in a push up position, with foam roller just under the knees (below the knee cap) Never roll over the patella or other bones/joints)  
  2. Keeping you upper body still, curl your knees to your chest by using your abs. The roller will roll along your shins to your ankles.  
  3. Hold that ab contraction for a full second, before returning the the start position. Repeat 10-15 times. 

Next we need to make sure your arms are ready to take some body weight as you make the beast with two backs! This next move not only helps your shoulders but also establishes a full body movement to coordinate arms, core and leg muscles.  


foam roller L bridge small square.png

L-sit rollouts how to: 

  1. Sit in the floor, hands by your side, legs in front, Achilles resting on the roller. 
  2. Lift your butt off the floor using your hands making an L shape with your body 
  3. Push your buttock to the ceiling until your feet, hips and head are a straight line by allowing the legs to roll away from your shoulder. Hold and return to the start.

The finale is getting all the humping muscles roaring to go with these one-legged split squats (aka lunges). Activating the whole chain of muscles from the foot, to the ankle, knee (quads), hip (glutes) pelvis and spine (abs) will give you the best chance of stamina and pleasure. 

foam roller lunge small squa.png

Roller lunge How To:

  1. Stand in lunge position, with left foot resting on top of the roller
  2. Stabilizing your whole body, roll the back leg away from the front leg while maintaining an upright (vertical) spinal posture. 
  3. Return to the starting position and repeat 10-15 times. Then change legs. 


And so you have it. The makings of an awesome evening (and many more rounds after that!) Enjoy :) 

Got a question? Ask me!