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Everyday habit contributes to how your health progresses or not. They may seem innocent habits to you but to your body, they’re already a big deal. Moreover, they can also lead to different health issues that can really take a toll on your general wellbeing. Here are some of the habits that you should definitely avoid if you want to live a longer life and maintain a healthy body.


1.      Overeating

Overeating can lead to obesity and other health issues. When this happens, your hair reacts also. A sudden change in the body often leads to hair thinning or hair loss. So, while we definitely need to feed our growling stomach and indulge in our favorite treats once in a while, you better learn how to limit munch time to avoid illnesses in the future.


2.      Too Much Exposure To The Sun

Yes, there are a lot of health benefits we get from the sun. But too much exposure carry health risks too like skin cancer, can damage your hair from its cuticle to its inner structure and even speed up skin aging.  Try to avoid going out when the sun is at its peak around 10am-2pm, but when you really have to, make sure you’re wearing sunscreen.


3.      Keeping To Yourself

Me time is important, but there’s a difference between making time for yourself and spending time alone all the time. You should know that having a strong network of friends and family for support strengthens not just your emotional well-being but as well as mental and physical one.


4.      Drowning Yourself With The Wrong Liquid

Just because alcohol, artificial juices, soda, or coffee is liquid doesn’t mean you’re hydrating your body properly. This means it can lead to dehydration and dry out your skin and affect the function of your vital organs. What your body needs for adequate and proper hydration is water. Much better if you opt for alkaline water, because, aside from hydration it also provides other benefits for your body.


5.      Fast Food Diet

Convenient and delicious but with little to no nutritional value—that’s what fast foods are. Now, if all you eat it is that, don’t be surprised if you’re sick or feel tired all the time, gaining weight, or your hair is getting thinner or looks dull. Make your diet 70% fruits and veggies, 25% meat and dairy, and 5% of anything you like.


6.      Sedentary Lifestyle

Our body is meant to move. Take that away from your body and you’ll feel how every function seems to be declining. You get tired easily, you gain weight, you always have back pain, and more. Daily physical activity is important to your overall health. Even moderate and quick ones, like 30-minute walk each day helps.


7.      Smoking

Smoking shortens your lifespan. If that’s reason is not enough for you to quit I don’t know what is. But aside from that, you might also be inflicting secondhand smoke on other people which is more lethal than inhaling smoke directly from a cigar. What’s the use of you installing an air purifier at home to breathe clean air if you’re still going to continue puffing that cigarette?

8.      Not Taking Those Little Health Problems Seriously

Those “just a stiff neck/back pain” or “just a headache”lead to bigger or more complicated conditions when not addressed accordingly and right away. Leaving them untreated because they are ‘not that bad’ can over time, harm both your overall health and your quality of life, so taking a positive step towards solving these issues, like making an appointment to see a good chiropractor, will probably have a bigger positive impact on your day to day life than you’d ever imagined.


The spine is where our body and mind meets. So when something goes wrong with your spine it immediately sends a message to the brain, which sends signals to the nervous system telling our body how to respond. When that happens, you’ll experience disturbances in the natural function of your body and mental state, like back pain and headaches.


In this case, chiropractic care is the best approach to proactive care, spinal hygiene, or preventive wellness care. Singapore chiropractors understand how the spine, nervous system, health, and lifelong wellness are interrelated which is why they offer a holistic approach for their patients.


If you truly want to change your life, change your ways of living it, and seek help from professionals that can help you get there if necessary.