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A lot of women suffer from menstrual cramps every month. Different women experience different pain varying from mildly irritating to stopping pain, which is usually followed by other symptoms like nausea, lower back pain, and diarrhea. However, despite this being a common place for women a lot of them settle for temporary relief like pain killers, birth control pills, heating pads, ginger tea, etc.


1.      Take Pain Medication/Birth Control Pills

Among those remedies, birth control pills are one that could lead to even bigger health problem than dysmenorrhea. Here are the possible side effects:

·         Blood clots in the legs, heart, and lungs

·         Heart attack

·         Immune system suppression

·         Bleeding

·         Gastric ulcer

Before you let yourself be too dependent on pills, try to think long term. It may give you immediate relief to pain, but the result of longtime use could be a greater pain. It’s better to seek alternative medication that doesn’t just stop the pain for the meantime, but goes to the root of the problem and treats it.


2.      Drink Tea

Drinking ginger tea or any herbal tea that you prefer not only helps because it helps to warm your body which can ease the pain in your lower abdomen. But also because some of the herbs may act as estrogens, ask your doctor first before using one, especially if you have a history of hormone-related cancer or take blood-thinning drugs.


3.      Use Heating Pad To Ease The Discomfort

Most women who always suffer from menstrual pain probably own a heating pad. Women who like to avoid popping pills as much as possible often rely on heating pads because they work just as well. Simply placing the warm pad on your lower abdomen can really relieve the pain. If you don’t wanna keep on refilling the pad with warm water whenever it loses heat, choose an automatic heating pad that you’ll just have to switch on to heat up and switch off if you’re done using it.


4.      Do Some Light Exercise

When you’re writhing in pain, the last thing you want to do is get up from the bed and do any kind of activity much less exercise. However, even a light exercise like walking can boost endorphins which helps soothe period cramps.


5.      Chiropractic Care

Healthy spine is vital for every organ in our body since they all need nerve supply from it in order to function properly. So you can imagine how it’s going to be in case a back pain or neck pain is present in someone’s body. Most often than not, a spinal misalignment is the cause of those pain which triggers menstrual pain too.

With that, chiropractic adjustment can help solve that problem. In Singapore, chiropractors can perform manual adjustments to correct any kind of subluxation that is causing interference in the nervous system and bringing discomfort in the body. Aside from that, the reason why you should start considering chiropractic adjustment is because it’s a natural method of treatment, so you don’t have to worry about any side effects just like in pain killers.