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If you work out regularly, you probably own a pair of dumbbells at home. So you’re probably wondering, how else can a kettlebell help you? Well, here’s why you probably should include kettlebell exercises in your home workouts.


It Strengthens The Spine

Since kettlebell training requires you to engage your core a lot in order to swing it properly and efficiently, your spine and spinal muscles benefit a lot. It helps strengthen them, as well as improve your ballistic power, endurance, and flexibility in your whole body.


What Are Kettlebells?

Kettlebells are almost like dumbbells, in a way, though they have different shapes.  Kettlebells are round cast iron weights with a single u-shaped handle at the top. And just like dumbbells, you can get them in different weights that will suit all strength levels.


Multiple Muscle Groups Work In Synergy When Doing Kettlebell Exercises

The spinal muscles function as either the primary mover or assist the primary mover in every kettlebell exercise. So in utilizing kettlebell exercises, you can expect that spinal muscles are stabilized and smaller supporting structures are being developed because kettlebell training incorporates large functional movements.


Kettlebell Training Employs High Repetitions, Momentum, And Centrifugal Force

Momentum works the spinal muscles as the weight is raised and lowered. High repetitions combined with momentum and full body movement build strength and endurance in the entire musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems. Kettlebell training delivers aerobic and anaerobic benefits.


It’s A Great Exercise But It’s Important You Learn Them From A Qualified Kettlebell Instructor

Just like any other exercises, you can only benefit from it if you’re doing the exercise with the right form and technique. Moreover, this also ensures that you don’t get injured while doing the workout. This said it is crucial that you employ a qualified kettlebell trainer to demonstrate, instruct, and supervise your training and develop your routine in order to learn the motions properly.


The Kettlebell’s Shape Allows For A Wide Variety Of Exercises

What’s great about kettlebells is that you can use it for a lot of different exercises. So you’re not restricted into doing just one motion or exercise which prevents you from getting bored. We all know that being bored with an exercise is one of the top culprits for why people discontinue doing them. Kettlebells are almost like using dumbbells because you can do squats, cleans, swings, high pulls, snatches and push presses, renegade rows, suitcase swings, woodchopper, windmills and Turkish get-ups.  


It Benefits The Spine In A Lot Of Ways

Aside from helping you develop a strong spine, kettlebell exercises are also great for building endurance, developing flexibility and function as well as increasing mobility.


Chiropractic care may be focused on the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine but chiropractors understand that patients are so much more than just spine. This is why they always say that they aim not just to relieve pain but to improve your overall health which when done right also keep you looking and feeling young. In order to achieve that, you need to feed your body healthy foods that contain vitamins and nutrients and workout consistently. It doesn’t have to be in the gym if you can’t stand it but finding a physical activity that you enjoy or learning how to use kettlebells so you can work out at home is a great help.