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People say that stress is all in the mindset, but you should know that the nature of your job and body condition play a big role in it too. Receiving adjustments from a chiropractor here in Singapore can make a significant difference in your stress level by relieving pain or discomfort caused by misalignment, helping you sleep better at night, and even treat other health condition like constant headache and digestive problems which are without a doubt stressful. Aside from that, you’ll find that when your body is in tip-top condition, your performance at work improves as well and you’re less likely to feel sick and tired of going to work every day.


1.   Motherhood And Baby Care

Motherhood and childcare are often painted as happy and fulfilling thing, which it is, but it also isn’t all fun and dandy too. The pregnancy alone can be taxing, but when you thought things will mellow down after childbirth that’s when you’ll realize how much more demanding this role can be! You now have breastfeeding, lifting a baby all day and hauling heavy diaper bag whenever you go out! Motherhood can really take a toll on your spine’s health. But making smart investments from a better diaper bag that can help distribute weight evenly, an ergonomic baby carrier, and regular chiropractic adjustments can help make the experience easier so you can actually enjoy this chapter of your life without the back pain constantly disturbing you.


2.   Factory Work

Sitting all day may be the new health risk but so is standing all day! Factory work is often done while standing while doing repetitive movements. This can lead to muscle fatigue and weakness which actually causes a disorder called repetitive motion disorder. Always check your posture to avoid this. Straightening your spine and relaxing your shoulders help ease your tensed muscles.


3.   Warehouse Work

This work involves a lot of heavy lifting, as well as pushing and pulling heavy loads. Combine that with an existing back problem and you got yourself not only a physically exhausting job but also spine injury-risky job. This is why learning how to lift and handle heavy loads can help prevent injury and avoid back pain. Make sure to bend your hips and knees to squat down to your load, keep it close to your body and straighten your legs to lift. Do not twist or turn when holding or lifting heavy objects.


4.   Manual Laborer

Manual labor. Just the name of this career elicits thoughts of back strain, sprain, and overall pain. Manual laborers regularly lift heavy loads, use hand and power tools, perform repetitive tasks, and bend and twist—all of which spells disaster for the back and neck. If you know you’ll be lifting something way too heavy do not attempt to do it on your own. Call someone to help you with it. If there’s no one around, postpone that part until you can get help.


5.   Office Work

People with desk jobs spend the majority of their day sitting down in front of the computer, basically chained to their desk. When you already suffer from back pain, all this sitting isn’t helping at all because of the constant pressure on your lumbar disc. This is why you have to be creative in looking for opportunities to take a break from the chair. Anything from taking calls while standing, eating lunch away from your desk, walking around when you’re stuck on a task, or walking to your colleague to discuss work instead of emailing helps. Moving your body refreshes the brain more than staring at the computer for hours. This doesn’t just encourage more productivity at work but also promotes less sick leaves due to back pain by maintaining movement throughout the day. Anything that will make you move from your chair, do it!


6.   Construction Work

Construction work can put some serious wear and tear on the body. The job involves heavy lifting, whole body vibration, lifting and twisting at the same time, and bending for prolonged periods—all of which can cause muscle sprain and strain. Injuries, like slipped or even ruptured discs, overstretched ligaments, nasty muscle cramps, can also happen because construction workers tend to overexert themselves. But preparation and common sense can go a long way towards preventing such things. So if you know you’d be in a certain position for a long time, stretch really well or take short breaks. On the other hand, if it’s plain obvious that you won’t be able to complete a particular task, just work until a certain part is done and then just continue it the next day.


7.   Drivers

Heavy traffic is often what people blame their stress to when it comes to driving. However, you could be missing an important factor that is making this activity even more uncomfortable—prolonged sitting. Sitting for a long time while driving is really stressful for our backs. Adjusting the height of your seat, keeping your ears aligned with your shoulders, and using your headrest can really help ease the discomfort of driving all day.