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Migraine is not only a very painful condition but also a frustrating one. No one would wish to have it for any reason at all. But even if it may seem like it’s a hopeless condition, it’s not entirely helpless. There are some therapies that proved to have helped ease the pain, it’s just important to keep looking for a treatment that works best for the person suffering from it. But probably the safest, surest way to migraine relief is to seek chiropractic care because it’s a great alternative treatment that doesn’t involve drugs or surgery to eliminate the pain but is effective in improving your overall health.

If you live with someone with migraine or close to one and want to make them feel better at least whenever they get an attack, here are some tips that may help you help that friend or love one.

Prep The Bed

It’s difficult to move a lot for someone suffering a migraine attack because it aggravates the pain even more. So if you could help prep the bed in a way that is comfortable for that loved one, then they’d be able to lie down and rest well.

Shut The Lights

Another struggle for someone with migraine is sensitivity to light. Sometimes, even the tiniest crack of light through the window makes their head pound even harder. So ask how much light he or she can tolerate then adjust the lighting in their room accordingly.

Ease Their Queasiness

Migraine comes with nausea for most migraine sufferers. If there’s something in particular that eases that for them it’d be great to get it for them. Aside from that, it’s also a good idea to get rid of anything that makes the nausea worse.

Take Some Of Their Task

Migraine attacks don’t come with a warning so it usually strikes people at the most inconvenient time. If you can, helping with any task or errand that needed to be done that day is great. It helps ease the pain because it lessens their worry for that day.


Keep A Cold Compress Nearby

Did you know that applying cold compress on the forehead helps ease the pain? Ask your friend if he or she prefers ice pack or cool cloths and have it ready by the bed. Replace it as needed or requested.

Turn Down The Volume

Aside from light sensitivity, it’s pretty common that loud noises intensify migraine too. So try to keep the sound down around someone amid their pain. You can shut the door to their room to minimize the sound that they get to hear or have earplugs and noise-canceling headphone on hand in case they want complete silence.

Offer Aromatherapy

While some scents can worsen migraine pain, there are others that help soothe it too. Lavender and peppermint diluted in a diffuser or washcloth is a good idea. But always ask the patient what he or she prefers first.

Keep Your Friend Hydrated

Since dehydration makes the pain worse for those with migraine, make sure to give them water every hour or so. Ask if they’re not feeling nauseated first as forcing water or liquids while nauseous may just trigger vomiting even more.

Give Him A Massage

Massaging the temples may ease their pain but ask if they feel like it first. If they agree slowly apply pressure to their temples and scalp. Stop right away if they ask you to since massage isn’t always helping.


People having a migraine attack usually just wants to lie down and be left alone. But you could try to peek in from time to time so that they don’t have to call you or text you if they need anything.

Offer To Drive If Necessary

While staying at home and resting is best, that’s not always possible for people with migraine. So, to make it easier for them, you could offer to drive them to work and pick them up after. This is great especially if the person has to commute since even without migraine, commuting can already be a pain.

Be Understanding

People in pain can either be irritable or energy drained. So don’t it to heart if they snap at you or doesn’t show interest in anything you offer. They’re really just in too much pain that it’s difficult for them to handle anything else. So try to be as understanding as you can and be there for them because that alone is enough for them sometimes.

Know When To Call The Doctor

If you live with someone who gets migraine attacks pretty often, then you’re probably already familiar with their symptoms. If you notice something different like they’re complaining that the pain is worse than usual, they’ve started having fever, experiencing shortness of breath or is having trouble speaking then it’s probably best to call a doctor or take them to the hospital already.

Chiropractic therapy, like acupuncture, is also an alternative, natural, pharmaceutical-free form of treatment for a variety of complaints, conditions, and injuries. While they both address pain reduction, they do it in different angles that complement each other. In chiropractic, pain is often treated through spinal manipulation, which is intended to correct the alignment of the skeletal system and joints. If your headaches are coming from tight muscles or subluxation around your neck area, which is often the case, then spinal manipulation is a great way to deal with it. Correcting physical misalignments in the body can not only help to treat conditions that contribute to pain, but can also improve the circulation of blood and the communication of the nervous system throughout the body. Essentially, chiropractic addresses the “mechanical” malfunctions of the muscles and skeleton, while acupuncture improves the chemical, nervous, and neurological processes.