Sitting posture is so important because we sit for hours and hours every day. Do you have pain when you sit? What's the best way to sit?

Sitting posture is so important because we sit for hours and hours every day. Do you have pain when you sit? What's the best way to sit?

DON'T MOVE! Not even an INCH. (Just use your eyes to follow the text to read!) How are you sitting right now? Become aware of what your posture is.

Is there more pressure on one butt cheek compared to the other? Are your legs crossed? Is the pressure behind the knee blocking circulation? Is one hip or one shoulder higher than the other? Are you leaning on one forearm? Does your head stick out (forward) like a turtle?

Now notice if there's any tension in your body. Which body part is holding tension? Are you even breathing? Does your neck ache? Are your shoulders or hips tense? 


Did you know your body gets used to being in the position you adopt all the time. If you don't move for 5 minutes, and you answered yes to any of the above, your body will start to distort and mould into that position. Now your "usual" or "comfortable" (bad) posture becomes your 'new normal' posture. That's the reason why being in a good posture, the 'correct' position, becomes difficult and often, painful. I've met some people who keep telling me they have great posture, only to have it assessed and measured (with photos) to show that there's plenty of room for improvement.

I was recently interviewed (updates later on when this will be in print), and the first burning question I see, is something that I'm asked numerous times a day: "What is the right way to sit?" It's becoming known that prolonged sitting causes neck pain, shoulder aches and back pains. Especially when you are in a bad posture. Of course, in the recent years, prolonged sitting has also been linked to diseases other than pain conditions, like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. 

In my book, The Pain-Free Desk Warrior, Free yourself from aches and pains, I outline the correct methods for standing, sitting, and sitting while at your workstation. To answer this very popular question of the 'right way to sit', I've decided to offer this mini extract from Chapter 22 of my book. It's a simple five-step guide to a better sitting posture.




1. Feet should rest flat on the floor.
Legs should not be crossed. For guys, take your wallet out of your back pocket. 

2. Sit on or slightly forward on your sitting bones.
Imagine your pelvis is like a bowl of water, and you are pouring out the water in the forward direction.

3. Maintain a slight lower back arch.
The same arch in your lower back when you stand needs to be maintained while sitting. 

4. Lift your torso and create a long neck.
Lifting the torso and lengthening your neck activates the core and decompresses the spine. 

5. Shoulders should be relaxed by your sides.
Shoulder blades should fall back and down. 

There are many causes of neck and back pain. Simple changes can have huge benefits. - Dr Gary Tho

You can read the full chapter and more, in my book. Get your copy here.