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Best Practices That Define A Successful Wellness Program

Over recent years, more companies are incorporating wellness initiatives into their office environment. It’s mission critical in todays competitive markets, to attracting and retain the best talents. One crucial measurement is the engagement levels of everyone in the entire organisation. People are not motivated by money alone, and wellness programs are part of the strategy to improve job satisfaction and productivity. However, only a few companies actually have comprehensive programs that produce better health outcomes among employees. As a result, improved engagement and performance at work, naturally follows since employees are healthier and happier.

Unfortunately not all wellness programs are successful.  Here are 5 best practices that help create successful corporate wellbeing programs that gain true engagement.

5 concentration killers that successful people never succumb to (and how to fix them!)

5 concentration killers that successful people never succumb to (and how to fix them!)

It's BONUS time! For many march is Appraisal Month - so it's time to put on your productivity hat and make sure you go above and beyond to get the best appraisal (and most money!) But are the distractions too hard to resit? Although millennials are supposedly more reliant and tech savvy, everyone who uses a variety of apps on smartphones may be affected. 

People who live a happy life and successful career take a different approach. They don't let their concentration be killed by a Facebook alert or an incoming email. Here's the TOP 5 distractions we should never succumb to, to show off our best self (and before we get replaced by automated scripts or a newer, younger, cheaper recruit!)

Game of Thrones: How to choose the best office chair, improve posture and relieve your aches and pains

What's the best office chair for back pain and neck aches? For something that we use every day for hours at a time, the office chair is often overlooked.

Those sitting their entire work day sitting put themselves at high-risk of back pain, neck pain and headaches, as well as chronic health conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Medical experts have started referring to long periods of inactivity and it’s negative consequences as “sitting disease”. 

Here's a brief excerpt from Chapter 25 of my book, discussing the 8 essential features of the best ergonomic office chair.