Hi Gary, 

We are doing well here in Seattle. We have of course found a good chiropractor. He’s very good though not as good as you, of course. You are exceptionally good with the sports stuff! 

Thank you for all your help over the past couple of years. Thais is staying healthy. His right shoulder and lower back is much much better, and now only a tiny bit of elbow pain. Tennis is going well for him as he slowly works his way up the ranking list here. 

I’m generally feeling great too, although I'm currently suffering from tennis elbow, which I’m sure you would have fixed asap. It is very annoying and interfering with my tennis. Claus is doing well too. He does travel to Singapore on occasions, and I'm sure he'll drop in to see you if he has the time. 

Once again thank you for taking good care of all of us! I wish you all the best.