I started to attend sessions with Dr Gary after I felt significant pain in my ankle during training for my first half marathon. I was concerned that the pain would lead to an injury and I could do some permanent damage. Gary was very helpful with the initial injury and clearly explained what the issue was and why it was occurring. He performed some work on my ankle which, whilst not without quite a bit of discomfort (!) , were very effective. In the short term my ankle injury cleared up, and when I unfortunately subsequently damaged a bone in my foot, Gary was very helpful in supporting a successful recovery and ensuring that  no enduring effects were felt.

I have continued to work with Gary in the lead up to races and find that sessions help to ensure that my training is healthy and successful. However other benefits I have noticed are reduced general back and shoulder pain from daily activities, and a much better understanding of my own body and how to remain aligned and healthy. I will certainly continue to regularly attend appointments and would recommend others to also try this out.

- Corinne
Senior Manager, Standard Chartered Bank