Health Workshops & Talks

With over $3.5Billion spent annually on work-related musculoskeletal injuries, aches and pains, it is so important to invest in the biggest asset a company has - it’s human capital. Treatment and claims for headaches, back pain and other conditions, along with absenteeism, presenteeism, reduced productivity and employee dissatisfaction is a hefty price to pay.

Corporate Wellness initiatives including health talks and workshops are ideal at creating simple changes in our daily habits, that create massive benefits. It's easy to create health and happiness daily, even in our busy, and often stressful lives. The workshops are broken down into sections delivering hands-on practical activity, group work and worksheets which allow us to regain control of our life, health, energy levels and mood.

Keep Fit When You Sit program with P&G

Keep Fit When You Sit program with P&G

Workshops & Talks

To empower individuals to improve their health, happiness and quality of life by doing simple, easy-to-accomplish tasks. We do this by offering knowledge about various healthy lifestyle choices at home, at work and at play. From 'Sit Straight' office ergonomics, 'Powerful Posture', to recovering from sports injuries ('Pain & Performance'), 'Health in High Heels', and how to 'Keep Fit When You Sit'. We share what can/needs to be improved, why it is a problem, and doable how-steps, so they can achieve better outcomes.  


Ergonomics Assessment

The goal of a well-designed office and workstations for employees is to improve health (reduced illness and injury), happiness (job satisfaction) and productivity. However, even with fancy chairs or height adjustable sit-stand desks, humans are a creature of habit. We sit on expensive multi-adjustable seats the same way we would if we sat on a sofa or a stool.

This is why posture and ergonomic assessments and workshops are essential. We can gather information that pinpoints habits that cause strain on the human system, causing problems like headaches, neck and shoulder aches, back pain or numbness in the arms and hands.

An ergonomic workstation assessment involves a detailed assessment of an individual’s work environment including their computer, keyboard and mouse, desk and chair. The outcome: Find and Solve risk factors that may lead to future health problems, or be causing current health problems - a common cause of reduced productivity, employee dissatisfaction and time off work.

Find out how at Risk Your employees are, and what you can do about it!

Find out how at Risk Your employees are, and what you can do about it!

Does your company need an assessment?

The discomfort survey will identify people who are at risk as well as those who are currently suffering from work-related musculoskeletal disorders require. You will know if ergonomics and posture is relevant and beneficial for your colleagues. From there, they can get access to help and advice with regards to their daily habits, posture, ergonomics as well as active care (DIY care to improve their health, happiness and productivity), and passive care (seeking expert advice, treatment to solve the underlying problem and the like).  

For individuals, check out our online ergonomics assessment here!
For companies, associations and corporations kindly complete the form to download the Discomfort Survey to distribute to your staff.