PART 1: Thursday, 29 June


4 week Series of Running clinic hosted by Dr Gary Tho of ChiroWorks. This running clinic is for beginners and those who want to run faster, and run longer. 

Part 1: Running Fitness: Find out YOUR level of Physical Health and how that IMPACTS your ability to run.

Posture, Movement, Balance, Strength and Endurance Assessment
- learn which muscles need to be strong. 
- impact on the joints

Thursday, 29 June

Part 2: Running Basics: Know how to IMPROVE your physical health and PREVENT injury

Running Basics and Essentials
- Footwear, shoes, orthotics insoles and how to find the right shoe for you.
- warming up routine
- cool down and stretches
- activities and exercises to improve the strength and fitness of the muscles in order to prepare for jogging and to avoid injury and overstrain.

Thursday, 6 July

Part 3: Running Specifics: Learn how to BREATHE, swing the arms, activate the core and land properly

Learn how to run
- basics of advancing from walking, to brisk walks, to jogging
- Running styles and techniques. 
- Breathing techniques
- Core stabilisation techniques

Thursday, 13 July

Part 4: Putting it all together: Run Safe, Run Tall, Run forever!

 Full training session and sample program: from warm up to work out to cool down
- Full exercise and strength program
- 30 day program to continue after this running clinic has concluded. 

Thursday, 20 July