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For the Women We Love

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This International Women's Day I want to say thanks to all the everyday heroes. All the women, young or old(er) who have made an impact in someone else's life.So I'm going to give them the power of a chiropractic adjustment (for free), so they can keep on being the wonderful people they are. 

WHY AM I GIVING WOMEN TREATMENT - without charging fees?

Because my wife does so much to support me. Her early childhood music program creates so much positive impacts for the kids and their families. She looks after our gorgeous daughters. She cooks, does chores etc regardless of the stress, aches and pains. An adjustment helps her feel good, allows her to be happy in her body, and able to do what she wants to do. 

Also, because of my clients. Because I know how powerful an adjustment is for them, and for their lives. 



No Fee? Really?

In exchange for your complimentary session, we ask you to pay it forward too, and contribute at least $20 to provide sewing machines for disadvantaged women so that they can generate income. Our goal is to provide 3,650 positive impacts for women in Bangladesh. That's 10 years worth of income for struggling families. You can donate here too: 


Some of our everyday Heroes!

hero Sally

Just like many people’s perspective that it’s a wife’s duty to take care of the family despite busy work schedule, lack of sleep, muscle aches or health problems - this is her. She also believes that “Tough days don’t last, tough people do"!


hero Jess

Some people are magnets. They bring people and joyful times together. And in a society where we’re all so busy, this is crucial.  But no matter how tired she is, and how much her hip or shoulders hurt, Jess is the keystone of her family.


Hero Rachel

Rachel lives simply and always laughing! Though she thinks her life is very routine, her mantra has come true. She’s succeeding in her career and going from strength to strength. What mantra? Be faithful for the small things and big things will be entrusted to you. 

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Sorry, our International Women's Day 2018 event is over. Tune in for our great happenings throughout 2018 and 2019!