Sure, it's not a book. It's actually way better than a book. It's comfy, lets you lie down, encourages relaxation, improves posture, gives you support without you even needing to ask, and it will never make you sick (it's 100% natural, antibacterial, antifungal, antidustmites, hypoallergenic)


What's the big deal about another pillow

If you're someone who seems to change pillows every few weeks or months because you can't seem to find the *right* one, then read on! There's heaps of pillows on the market. Some for less than $10 and others in excess of $300. What sets this apart is that:

  1. It's made entirely (100%) of high quality latex and features many special design features.
  2. It has also factored in peoples poor posture and spinal curves (or lack of)
  3. We all love a soft luxurious feel rather. So many people touch this pillow and say it's "too soft" only to lie on it and feel their neck is so fully supported. 
  4. It lasts forever. Well potentially. Our latex pillow is long lasting so it may very well be the last pillow you need to buy! 
  5. It's eco-friendly :) 

Here's some of the Benefits and Features in a nutshell (or should I say pillow case?)

latex health ergonomic pillow curve contour.png

Feature 1: Super curvy

This pillow has all the right curves in all the right places. Both at the TOP and the BOTTOM of the pillow! Top supportive cushions come in two heights which allow for user flexibility and adjustments. If you’re a back sleeper, the shape and angle of the contour cradles the neck promoting an optimal spinal curvature, especially for those with less than optimal posture. For side sleepers, the gentle curves hold your head and neck in alignment throughout the night. The pillow’s bottom corners are also tapered to allow the pillow to sit snug next to the shoulder so the neck is supported entirely whilst sleeping on your side.

best contour supportive latex memory foam pillow crumple zones.png

Feature 2: Super soft but super supportive

The pillow is made from latex. 100% all natural latex. This specially made composition of raw latex, coupled with a unique crumple zone contour makes this pillow stand out from the rest. The result is a pillow that crumples and feels soft to the touch, yet underneath the surface, the latex mixture's resilience is giving you all the support you need. 

Memory foam, which is a super popular material, compresses under load. That means it will mould to your contour, rather than give any support. Compared to memory foam pillows, our pillow gently pushes up against your neck - giving you support you can really feel.

antifungal antibacterial antidustmite best ergonomic supportive contour pillow

Feature 3: AirFlow and the Anti's

There are many holes in this pillow. That's because it's so uncomfortable to sleep when you're hot and sweaty. We've got specially designed air flow regions, from the top surface to keep our cheeks cool, and larger holes at the bottom that act as both ventilation as well as aid the supportive contours at the top, by altering the feel and softness of the pillow from below. 

And since this is a health pillow, it's eco friendly, hypo-allergenic and blessed with a lot of anti's. Anti-dustmite, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.