Ergonomic Latex Pillow for Neck Pain and Stiffness

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health ergonomic contour pillow dr gary tho specialist expert
latex contour comfortable pillow
little zebra dr gary tho latex health pillow
ergonomic health pillow
natural talay latex support pillow

Ergonomic Latex Pillow for Neck Pain and Stiffness

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  • Designed by spinal expert

  • Crumple Zones to offer luxurious comfort

  • Great Air Flow
  • Specially designed ergonomic contours to support you all night long, regardless if you sleep on your back and side
  • Responsive latex offers uplifting pressure and support without sag or fatigue
  • Lower curve for back sleepers, and smaller frame people
  • Higher curve for side sleepers and larger frame people
  • Curved lower edge to sure proper shoulder position for side sleepers
  • Complex hole matrix below the pillow to create improved sleeping support by varying latex density and resilience
  • Made of 100% natural latex. No added chemicals or fillers.
  • Hypoallergenic, Ecofriendly, Hygenic
  • Anti-Dust mite, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal
  • Durable, resilient and long lasting.

Material: 100% Natural Talalay Latex & 100% Cotton casing for absolute comfort and healthy sleeping

Size: 38cm x 60cm


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About the Pillow Design:

WHO: I’m Dr Gary Tho, Chiropractor, Author and Speaker specialising in spinal health, pain relief and peak performance. I’ve been in private practice for over 10 years and my clients include CEO’s and world champion athletes. I believe we all deserve to wake up every day feeling great and doing what we enjoy with those we love. For me, I hate waking up feeling tired, aching and lacking motivation. And I know some days are harder than others. However, what I’ve discovered is that it only takes a few simple consistent habits to drastically improve your health, happiness and quality of life. And i promise, for those who take action today, will have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

PROBLEM: Aches and pains, specifically neck and back pain are causing problems for 70% of the population. It’s sad that some of my clients are only 8 years old and complaining of neck pains and headaches. This is the reason I published my book, The Pain-Free Desk Warrior Free yourself from aches and pains. Today’s technology-advanced gadget filled world is creating an abundance of spinal problems. My book focuses on what causes the all our aches and pains and offers simple posture and lifestyle remedies. One chapter focuses on how a good night’s sleep plays a valuable part of our health and happiness.

WHY: I conducted a survey of over 600 people and found that over 70% had experienced neck pain in the preceding 3 months. I was not surprised as neck and shoulder pain are one of the most common conditions i see in my clinic. Many of my clients found it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position and had tried numerous pillows, only to change it a few months later. My clients knew that sleeping on a bad pillow 8 hours a night was going to cause pain now or in the future. I was constantly asked which pillow and mattress to buy and how would they know if it was good for their condition. After hearing these same concerns for over 10 years, I realised that no matter how many pillows there are in the market, it seems people still can’t find the right one.

BENEFITS: So I’m pleased to announce that I’ve designed a pillow to help you get a peaceful nights’s sleep. The Little Zebra Health Pillow was designed for people with neck and shoulder pain. It utilises superior 100% all-natural latex with offers neck support all night long. The top surface features a groove-hole matrix to optimise air flow, and creates that soft luxurious feel. Below the comfort top, are specially designed contours. These supportive cushions come in two heights which allow for user flexibility and adjustments. If you’re a back sleeper, the shape and angle of the contour cradles the neck promoting an optimal spinal curvature. For side sleepers, the gentle curves hold your head and neck in alignment throughout the night. The pillow’s bottom corners are also tapered to allow the pillow to sit snug next to the shoulder so the neck is supported entirely whilst sleeping on your side.

BUY IT: If you’ve had enough of stiff necks and sleepless nights, I encourage you to bring one home and give it a try. This pillow was made specifically to help you sleep better. Many people have enjoyed using it and waking up feeling more refreshed. I’m not going to promise you that your chronic neck pain of 10 years will magically disappear. What i promised you earlier is that those who take action, even the most simple of actions, have nothing to lose and everything to gain. And that little action right now is, order the pillow and use it for a week. If it doesn’t suit you, just send it back to us within 7 days and we’ll give you a full refund*. But if you don’t try it, you may be missing out on the gift of sleep, health and happiness. So bring one home today. I look forward to hearing how you’ve benefited from our pillow, and that you’ve bought one for your family and friends too.

*Full refund minus credit card charges and shipping fees.