The Pain-Free Desk Warrior (ebook version)


The Pain-Free Desk Warrior (ebook version)


The no BS guide to living a pain-free life.

Feeling old? Always tired? Suffering from neck and back aches? Tried everything and nothing helps? You’re not alone. “Desk Warriors” all over today’s modern world suffer from the same problem. Busy work schedules, technology and sedentary lifestyles cause a huge portion of the general public to struggle with headaches, neck and back pain, low energy levels, mood swings and poor performance. The worst part of all? They think it’s normal.

I’m here to tell you it’s not.

If you are suffering from body aches and pain, this book is for you. If you’ve read every health book, tried every approach and found yourself losing hope and confidence in finding a solution, read this book. I’ve brought together over a decade’s worth of health adjustment experience in helping people to overcome pain (permanently) to create the 6-step approach outlined in this book. No mysteries, no gimmicks; just a straightforward and practical guide to understanding the truth about pain and how you can get out of it.

Specifically written for busy business owners, corporate professionals and executives to get out and STAY OUT of pain so you can work hard, play hard and leave fatigue and illness behind.

Live a pain-free life. It is possible and I will show you show.

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Does this sound like you?

“Work is stressful. It’s long hours, always busy and I always look forward to the weekends. But I’m getting fatigued. I’m time poor. I’m not as healthy as I was before. I can’t take the stress anymore. Aches and pains are now a “normal” part of daily life. It’s probably due to work, bad posture, lack of exercise and old age. It’s inevitable and there’s nothing I can do to get rid of it for good. It’s impacting my quality of life. Pain dictates my life and what I can do. I find it difficult to sleep at times, concentration is affected when I feel bad, I have more mood swings, I avoid activities in case it hurts me, I have stopped sports and other activities I previously enjoyed.”

Imagine for a moment....

You get out of bed energised and looking forward to the day. You navigate through the busy flurry of rush hour on the way to work without feeling anxious. No matter how busy and stressful your work day was, it didn't affect you. You feel great at the end of the day. No aches, no pains. And you don't have the urge to slump on the couch, fatigued, to zone out.  You go to sleep effortlessly - no fancy pillows or expensive mattresses required.

About this book

A must-read for anyone who spends more than 2 hours a day at their desk, “The Pain Free Desk Warrior – Free yourself from aches and pains” is the modern pocket book for urban warriors.
In a world where phones, iPads, laptops and desk life is a common reality, the number of people silently suffering from chronic neck strain, headaches, fatigue and body aches has skyrocketed. Today 70% of professionals compromise their heath tolerating pain.

In this book, Dr Gary Tho addresses the biggest problem of all: that people think it’s normal and part of living a busy, modern life.

It’s this belief that leaves millions of people to deal with pain, affecting their energy levels, productivity, and ultimately, their quality of life. After 9 years of helping athletes, families and CEOs alike achieve peak performance, Dr Gary Tho has distilled the steps of HOW to get out of pain, even when you feel you’ve tried everything, or worse, when you’ve resigned to the fact that aches and pains are “normal”.

Tackling the biggest myths, Dr Gary provides practical, daily tips to transform your health. Often called a “miracle worker”, Dr Gary brings his understanding of the human body and “ecosystem of pain” to provide the most comprehensive and interactive guide book available, taking you through the cause of pain, how it works, and providing crystal clear tools to overcome it.

Whether you’re on the sports field or in the boardroom, this is an essential guide for anyone who has ever asked “how can I get out of pain?” or said those dreaded words “It’s not that bad. I can live with it.”

“Follow Dr Gary’s recipe and your physical life will change drastically. It will, guaranteed, reduce pain and have an impact on your health. It’s life changing”
Jean-Luc Butel.
Global Healthcare Advisor;
Former Executive Vice-President, President International at Baxter and Medtronic.