Dr. Gary Tho was involved in our very first Employee Health and Wellness Program for our employees in Singapore in 2017. We had the confidence in working with Gary to design our program that was fully customized for our employees’ working habits in the office. Likewise, we invited Gary to also participate and speak at our Leadership Conference, directly engaging our senior leaders in helping to alleviate their aches and pains due to many meetings, conferences and flights. It was fun and a refreshing session that made our attendees feel good immediately and was incredibly helpful. I am happy to endorse Dr. Tho’s expertise for any corporation who is keen to have this activity implemented in their own organization.
— Rachel Lee, Regional Head of Communications, Pharmaceutical industry.

Some of my corporate clients include:

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Client Testimonials:

A heap of thanks for the program! I had enjoyed it immensely. The presentation was very informative and interesting. It was great to be able to participate in the session and it cleverly linked the mind and brain on ‘What is health?’ 

 - Wai Peng | Handelsbanken

Dr Gary led an exercise session during a very busy conference. It was remarkable how quickly everyone felt refreshed and ready to learn more. His exercises were easy, fun and remarkably affective.

- Sarah McCrum | Coach and author of "Energy On Demand: master your personal energy and never burn out"

Dr. Gary Tho opened our Health and Wellness session and introduced a way that could help fix something we take for granted – our posture. Dr Gary’s concept of sitting “STRAIGHT” was an essential message for us, since we’re always sitting down. He showed us the cause of our pain, and techniques to avoid and relieve them. It was refreshing to hear that small changes can have such an impact, and because the some of the volunteers said they felt better after trying out these techniques, I know I’m going to be practicing these myself.

- Ruvi Ann Co | Vice President, Site Lead. Banking & Finance industry

Dr Gary is truly passionate about empowering others on how to improve our health and quality of life. I enjoyed his hands-on session where he taught us useful techniques to maintain the right posture and simple exercises that can be easily carried out at work.

 - Rose Hussein | Senior Executive, Department of Surgery NUS

We invited Dr Gary to speak at an event we ran in Jakarta on creating success through workplace health. Wellbeing at the workplace has become a very important topic and will become even more important in the future. The new international WELL rating for office and retail spaces shows the importance and will impact future employees’ decision making on whether they would like to work somewhere or not.

Dr Gary captured the audience’s attention as his presentation was dynamic, engaging and full of valuable information. We were incredibly pleased with the success of our event, which helped to strengthen our relationships with our business partners and clients in Indonesia. We would certainly invite Dr Gary to keynote in our future events.”

- Jean Paul de la Haye | Director of Sales and Marketing, Asia Pacific

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