Many people have asked me who am I and why do I do what I do. Although this changes and will always need updating, here's the June 2016 version. You can find the most recent version at my Full Bio here

Hi, I'm Dr Gary Tho, a chiropractor, speaker, and writer from Australia, with over 9 years of clinical experience in private practice. I'm the founder and principal chiropractor of Chiropractic Works, a family, sports and wellness clinic in Orchard, Singapore. I specialise in pain relief and peak performance. My clients are high achievers - people who want and need their body to keep up with their every day lifestyle. My clients vary from world champion athletes, to business owners, corporates, executives and busy parents. 

I am a speaker, having presented over 600 health talks, workshops and screenings for corporations, associations and the public. I also help to structure and deliver corporate health and wellness programs to improve employee health and wellbeing, employee engagement, job satisfaction, work-life balance and encourage healthy lifestyles.  I also conduct workplace posture and ergonomic assessments. 

I am also the author of The Pain-Free Desk Warrior, Free yourself from aches and pains, which is the modern pocketbook for those stuck at their desk for more than 2 hours a day. In this book, I share how simple actions create massive health benefits. #simpleactionsmassivebenefits Your can find out more about the book here, purchase the e-book here, or the paperback copy here

One reason why I wrote this book, is because there is an increasing number of people falling into the pain problem. Over $3.5 Billion was spent last year in Singapore on injuries, aches and pains. Many of us are stuck seated at our desk, and when we get home, stuck seated staring at screens all night long - thus creating many health concerns, including headaches, neck and shoulder pain, back pain, and the like. So many people live with pain and don't bother doing anything about it. Without realising, they've let pain dictate their lives. (Think about the things you avoid because it's painful or 'just in case' because you are afraid it would cause you pain) Most accept is as 'normal', or blame it on 'old age' and do not realise there is a solution.

I always wondered:
Why let a simple back pain or neck ache ruin your mood?
Why avoid doing daily activities like squatting, bending, lifting or walking just because you are scared your pain will be aggravated?
Why miss out on sports, and other activities you once enjoyed?
Why feel tired, and irritated when you can life live free from pain?
Why tell yourself "it's not that bad", and then let to persist and continue to get worse over the weeks, months or years before doing something about it? 
Why complain of poor quality sleep, and poor quality life when you have the opportunity to feel great every day? 

There are many reasons why:

1. Because many people don't know what the underlying problem is. Our fast paced society demands fast remedies and instant fixes. Yet those rarely result in healing. 

2. Because we don't understand the underlying cause of the pain and problem. Muscles get blamed all the time. "Weak muscles". "Tight muscles". "Overstrained muscles". "Muscle ache". "Pulled the muscle". But there's so much more than just muscles that can get injured.

3. Because of Dr Google, an article you were tagged on facebook, or your friends' mums' neighbours' brother gave you the 'new best way' to fix the problem. If you listen to all of these things, you stop and start a variety of treatments. And no improvement will occur. There is no plan to get you well and it's not specific to your body's needs.

4. Because if you don't listen to the above #3, you don't know what to do or where to start. If this is you, ask me for FREE!

5. Because we Pain-Free does NOT mean 'healed and reinforced'. Many people who undergo some sort of treatment, be it exercise or therapy related, stop once they feel better. But some time later, suffer a relapse when the pain comes back. This is because you didn't get the body to fully heal and reinforced. 

Because of this, I wrote my book, based on my 4-step (previously 6-step) methodology to get you feeling better, healing faster, and back to enjoying life. I have helped thousands of people with all sorts of physical ailments feel better and regain life, livelihood and back in the game. There is an additional Fifth step (which occurs at the start), for those who are unsure if chiropractic care suitable for them. These steps are:

1. A Complimentary Discovery Session: To find out more about you and your health concerns, and map out possible solutions to accomplish your health goals. 

2. A full medical consultation and clinical examination: Aches and Pains can make us frustrated, exhausted and unmotivated. Find the problem, create a plan and set your health goals.

3. Get out of pain and heal the body. This is the best part. We heal the body with treatments, & lifestyle corrections. We help you out of your rut and back into health.

4. Reinforcment. Once you’re out of pain, it’s up to you. We help advise and create ways for you to improve your lifestyle habits, and teach you corrective exercises that positively reinforce your improvements. This offers you a long term solution to keep you well, longer.

5. Re-evaluate and Maintain. Fantastic! Life’s great! Dropping in for a tune-up once in a while will serve you well. Besides keeping you problem free (or catching and fixing them early), we’ll keep helping you improve your health so you can be at your best, every day. 


One of the reasons why I'm so passionate about not living with pain, is because I know what it's like to miss out on life. I know how important it is to be healthy and strong.  I was in the Australian Badminton Team from 2002-2006. I was an Olympic Torch Bearer for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games and a few years ago, he completed the Standard Chartered Marathon (42.2km) in a respectable 3.5 hours. I've had my fair share of injuries, with one particular knee injury putting me on the sidelines for months. It was depressing watching everyone else play, while I could barely walk. My first exercise routine back from injury was walking two laps of a soccer pitch - that was it. After 2 laps, go home! 

Recently, I sprained my lower back. Having a young child involves carrying, bending, squatting, lifting, reaching - all the things that a bad back an annoying hindrance. If I don't get my back better, I miss out on engaging my daughter. She also misses out because I can't play, experiment and actively participate in her life. 

This is the reason why we deserve to be well and happy. We should strive to overcome even the smallest, irritating aches and pains. Imagine how much more we can accomplish for ourselves. And for those we love, (and our bosses too!) 

IMAGING LIFE WITHOUT PAIN. Imagine living without limitations.

So I open an opportunity for you to get back the life you deserve, and better your best. Request for your FREE*, No obligation, Discovery Session to find out more about your health concerns, what's stopping you from being your best, and what you can do to improve your health, freedom and quality of life. You can do so here. (Although it is a Free Discovery session, we will ask for a $20 donation to provide families in Ethiopia, Cambodia and Africa access to clean drinking water for 2,190 days. 100% of this donation will go to the families). 

Alternatively, if you would like to jump straight in and go through the full clinical evaluation of your health concerns, book your appointment online here

I believe we can all create the life we deserve. Give yourself the gift of freedom.