Chiropractic is more than just pain relief treatment. It's enabling life by turning the of the body on!

Chiropractic is more than just pain relief treatment. It's enabling life by turning the of the body on!

It seems like there’s more and more chiropractors in Singapore. That’s because there are! Maybe your friend raves about their fantastic chiropractor on Facebook and Instagram? Many clinics conduct roadshows and shopping mall screenings. Some even offer almost-free prices on cheap deal and discount websites. So with all these amazing testimonials, FREE screenings and cheap prices, shouldn’t we all try chiropractic? 

Sure! And we’ll be sure to make your visit to the chiropractor is easy, fun, memorable and (hopefully) with amazing instant results. After all, we want you feeling great as quickly as possible. But wait! Before you go, make sure you know about these 3 things. When overlooked, these 3 secrets cause massive upset and failed outcomes.  

Before: Painful shoulder that can't be raised

Before: Painful shoulder that can't be raised

After: All Smiles!

After: All Smiles!

3 Must Know secrets about chiropractic that determine Success of Failure!

1. Easy

It's easy to get you feeling better. At least 60-70% of my new clients feel better immediately after their first adjustment. That's the easy part. But did you know that pain is the first thing that goes, and the last thing that comes? So when you try chiropractic, you have at least a 60% chance of feeling great after even just one adjustment. Whether you feel like a million bucks for 24 hours, 24 days or forever or depends on many factors, including the severity of your concerns and your habits. If you really want to give chiropractic a try, I’d highly recommend ‘trying' it for 30, 60 or 90 days. You’ll be amazed what consistency + your innate (your body’s inbuilt healing system) can do! 


2. Fun

Many people love seeing the chiropractor - at least it appears ALL of my clients look happy to see me! I hope I speak for all chiropractors when I say we are genuinely nice and good people. My clients and I build friendships, and we share our lives and experiences. Most know my family and have even had my two year old daughter help with their care! But as much as fun as it is to socialise and chat, I'm serious about business. Serious about getting your body balanced, enabling proper mechanics and allowing you to move freely. Most importantly, I’m serious about removing interference to the nervous system and re-educating your brain-body connection to function at its best. 

Think of me like a (fun) teacher at a school. I teach and encourage the body to work they way we were designed to. Without the compensations, tight muscles, aches and pains. Of course, I also give you homework, so you can participate with helping the body heal, getting you to move correctly, sit better and live well. So when you try chiropractic, remember it's an education, and we can’t possibly learn everything all at once. 


3. Memorable

Many ‘firsts’ are memorable. First kiss, first skydive, first child, we remember them all. And the same for your first chiropractic adjustment. I professional break dancer currently performing at Resorts World Sentosa recently came in to see me. He’s been living with neck shoulder and back pain for over 5 years. He’s been getting massages as long as he can remember, from both the painful deep-tissue gurus, as well as his wife stepping on his back. Although he felt better immediately, after one nights sleep, or one day performing/training, the pain had returned. So to see the look in his eyes, and the joy radiate from his face and body language after his first adjustment was incredible. Besides a massive reduction in symptoms, his leg and hip strength improved, his trunk stability and muscle activation improved and his wife, who was quietly sitting in the corner jumped up exclaiming her back has been had for so long, and she wants to try too! 

So as we assessed his wife, and adjusted her too, I explained that although I’m certain they would remember how quick and easy it is to improve body performance and feel great, healing takes time. Muscles have memory. The body has ingrained compensatory habits and distortions that it naturally turns to when we’re stressed and overwhelmed. This defensive pattern is great for survival mode, but not great for thriving, feeling great and being at our best. We need to break through what your body is ’used to’ doing, all its muscle memory, and its reactivity, to really make a difference.

As this couples first chiropractic adjustment was memorable, remember that we need to unlock all the bad inhibiting memories and habits that create your pain and injuries. That won’t happen completely with just one ‘try’ but it WILL begin to create lasting change.

SO remember, if you want to try chiropractic, you're very welcome to. It is EASY, FUN and Memorable. You'll feel great, heal faster, and be able to reclaim your life and ability! 

If you want to find out more, or even TRY chiropractic for yourself, I’m located in Orchard Road, Singapore. Make an appointment online here.

Of course, if you are not sure if chiropractic is right for you, drop me an email or call us at 6733 4439 to schedule a FREE 20 minute Discovery session where we find out if chiropractic would be the best option for you.

We’ll explore why you are having this injury/ache/pain, why its not improving, what is stopping you from getting better/staying better and what options you have moving forward. If we believe your concerns are not something we can help with, we’ll gladly direct you to who we believe can help best.