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Daily driving commute can really sap the energy out of you. Even if you’re fairly close to everything, it doesn’t ensure that your drive will be smooth sailing every day because the road always presents a lot of unexpected events that can test anyone’s patience. There are drunk drivers, road rage, traffic, sudden accident or road work that can all stall you on the road when you’re actually trying to get somewhere early. And then there’s back pain! This can either contribute to a terrible commute or make your day to day driving miserable all on its own! The problem is most cars on the market today won’t have every car seat feature for you to at least avoid making your back pain worse if not make it completely comfortable. So here are some tips that will help you care for your back if you spend a lot of time driving.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Even if you have a formal dress code at work, you don’t have to follow that so strictly outside the office especially while driving to and from work. Always have a comfortable shoes ready in your car so that you can wear those while driving. Know that even while sitting in your car, the shoes you’re wearing can still affect your posture. And your posture is really important in avoiding back pain. You’ll see when you try this how different and comfortable your daily commute drive can be by simply switching your shoes.

Leave Early

You’ve probably heard this before but it bears repeating. Leaving even 10 minutes early than planned could save you from the rush hour. Aside from that, it may help you arrive at work early or at least on time (if you’re usually late due to traffic) which then saves you the stress over being stuck in traffic and being late in the first place. This then makes your commute so much more stress-free because you’re not worried throughout the ride. We all know how stress can manifest in the body in a form of pain like back pain.  

Buy A Lumbar Or Cervical Car Cushion

Sitting for extended period of time is not good for anyone’s back and overall health; however, it has become unavoidable nowadays due to the rising popularity of deskbound jobs as well as long drives to and from work.  The back pain you get from all the sitting can aggravate early morning stress of commute. In that case, what you can do is find a way to make sitting less of a torture if you drive a lot is to get yourself one of these cushion and ensure comfort while driving even if you do get stuck in traffic, at least your back is fine.

Always Be In Proper Driving Position

Most people don’t pay much attention to the level of comfort (or the lack thereof) the driver seat provides. Adjust the height of your seat, keep your ears aligned with your shoulders, and use your headrest, by simply doing these you’ll notice a difference with how comfortable your ride can be.

Don’t Forget To Stretch Before And After Your Commute

This is especially important if you’re always on a long drive. But even on average distances this can also be helpful to reduce muscle tension and alleviate the anxiety that often comes with commuting or driving.

Ease The Tension

Whether you’re running late or stuck in heavy traffic, the tension in your neck and back may go from moderate to severe. Shrugging your shoulders when you’re stopped at a red light and putting a lumbar support in between the small of your back and the seat helps lessen the tension.

Be Kind To Your Back

Sitting for a long time while driving or commuting to work and then spending the same or longer amount of time propped on a chair while working in front of your computer is really stressful for our backs. A chair that provides sufficient lumbar support, setting up your monitor at eye level, utilizing a foot stool to keep your knees at 90 degree angle, as well as standing up every 20 minutes of sitting are great ways to avoid back pain.

Get Adjusted Regularly

Aside from doing the above tips, getting chiropractic adjustments on a regular basis is also important to keep your spine health. This provides pain relief, detects possible musculoskeletal issues, and treats corrects misalignments to prevent such issues from further developing.