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Most people might have neck pain these days or at some point but not a lot of them really understand neck pain. What some may find surprising is that it’s not always because you’re tired. If you work I an office in front of a computer all day, there’s a huge possibility that your neck pain is due to some ergonomic mistakes that you don’t even realize you’re making. So here are some tips that may help you alleviate the pain.

Check Your Vision

Sometimes, the reason why you’re craning towards the computer is not because of bad positioning of the screen or anything like that but because you can’t see clearly. Working in front of a computer on a daily basis with a bad eyesight isn’t only gonna make your eyesight worse but can also lead to neck pain. So it’s best you go for a periodic eye examination and even use eyewear specifically for computer use.

Adjust The Image Quality On Your Screen

Now that the concern about your eyesight is out of the way, let’s talk about your computer screen. If you’re going to get your vision in check, you also have to adjust your screen’s image quality. You can adjust the screen brightness, contrast, refresh rate, and resolution to give you the most comfortable viewing experience.

Avoid Screen Glare

Glare isn’t only annoying it also hurts your eyes which may hurt your neck too since it ends up having to tilt or angle your neck in a certain way to see the screen better. A better way to deal with screen glare is to reposition the screen, dim the overhead lights, or use an anti-glare filter to cover the screen.

Maintain Good Distance Between You And The Screen

You shouldn’t be too close to the screen that you can almost kiss it or too far you end up leaning forward to see well. An arm’s length away from the screen is the ideal distance that you should maintain.

Make The Screen High Enough

When you’re sitting in front of the computer with your head straight, you should be looking at the middle of the screen not looking down. If you find that the screen is not high enough you can use books to put the screen on top of it to increase the height or adjust your seat.

Don’t Make Yourself Twist To Look At The Screen

Neck pain can be caused by working in a twisted posture. To eliminate neck twisting, place the computer monitor directly in front and facing you; not at an angle to the left or right side. A screen that is too high or low can also cause neck and shoulder strain. You will tilt your head backwards to look up if the screen is too high and crane your neck forwards if too low.

Get A Document Holder

If you also work with paper documents, you should use a document holder that positions the paper so it can be comfortably seen. This might involve using either an in-line document holder that fits between the keyboard and screen; a document holder mounted at the side of the screen; or a freestanding document holder positioned next to the screen and slightly angle closer to you.

Chiropractic Care

When the pain doesn’t go away, despite the changes you’ve done in your daily routine and habits, the next logical step would be to consult a professional. Instead of relying on painkillers that only numbs the pain but doesn’t really treat the condition, seeking a chiropractor in Singapore can help detect the real cause of the pain, provide comprehensive treatment that fits your specific condition, and prevent the pain from coming back.  The chiropractor can also give a recommendation on nutrition and exercises that will help improve your condition.