8 Ways You Can Celebrate Father’s Day.jpg

Everyone is different, what one person may like may not apply to another. The same thing with dads, just because dads have something in common with other fathers (which is being a father, obviously ^_^) doesn’t mean they like the same things. So if you’re trying to come up with a gift or a way to celebrate Father's Day, consider his personality first. Although I’m sure he’ll appreciate whatever you give him, it’s still nice to try to match his taste, right? Here are some ideas that may help you find the right gift for your beloved papa!

1.      Schedule A Chiropractic Care Appointment

Even if you have never heard your dad complain about back pain or the like, book him an appointment with a chiropractor you know and go together. The modern lifestyle nowadays takes a toll on the body especially if your dad have a desk job which requires him to sit for extended period of time every day. An appointment to a chiropractor can help with a lot of different health issues, especially when it comes to musculoskeletal system in which area chiropractors specializes in.

2.      Book A Massage Session

If you know your dad have been stressed lately for whatever reason, going for a massage is a better way to celebrate Father’s Day than watching a movie or going to a restaurant. It will allow you both to relax but it’s still just as sweet. Professional massages can be an excellent and relaxing way to ease back pain. Since it’s for Father’s Day, most spas may be offering promos or deals to commemorate this day so you’ll probably get a discount too! Massages can help with back pain by relieving the tension that often contributes to muscle spasms. 

3.      A Picnic At Your Local Park

If you’re tight on cash but still want to go out and celebrate, why not take advantage of free venues to hang out like a nearby park? You can just pack some lunch and snacks as well as a board game or cards you have at home for entertainment. You see, celebrations like this doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, a quality time with the whole family like this is probably what your dad craves the most.

4.      Try A New Café Together

Is your father a certified coffee lover? But he’s stuck with his usual coffee shop  every day because it’s closer to his office or home? Then why not take him out on his day off and try a newly opened café in town or even the ones that have always been there but you guys never had the chance to try. Who knows, he might just discover a new favorite coffee or café that he can go to for his daily fix.

5.      Give Him An Auto Care Gift Card

Car owners understand how important being up-to-date with their car maintenance but a lot of them either don’t do it unless something is seriously broken or just couldn’t do it regularly because they’re short in cash. It doesn’t matter which side your car loving dad belongs to or if he maintains his ride religiously, receiving an auto car gift card will still be an awesome treat for him because car servicing can really be costly. Aside from that, what’s great about this is that a gift card lets him handpick the service or repair he want, right when he wanted it most.


6.      Invite Him To Sign Up For A New Workout/Hobby

Your dad may be have always been healthy but it’s a fact that he’s aging. Aging comes with a lot of different health issues where maintaining a regular physical activity is crucial in order to prevent them from developing or getting worse. So, this coming father’s day may be a good timing to reintroduce him to exercising by inviting him to the gym that you go to or even play a sport regularly that you know he’ll like. Just keep in mind that to pick one that is easy on the joints and is not that rigorous. Activities like swimming, biking or even just a regular walk around the park are enough to maintain physical activity without being too extreme for his aging body. This may even turn out to be a hobby that you’ll both share and do every weekend.

7.      Or Share His Hobby

Is there something that your dad like doing just for fun like fishing or gardening (some dads like gardening to you know)? Why not try to join him? You’d be surprised by how much dads actually would like to do their hobby with their children but will not ask because they’re worried you may find it boring or would flat out say no. Your dad already enjoys his hobby but he’ll love it even more if he can bond with you through that activity.

8.      Build Something Together

Does Dad spend his free time in the garage or woodshop? It’s easy to find simple instructions to build a birdhouse, or find something else kid-friendly to build together. If the kids are too young to use tools, break out the paintbrushes for them to decorate whatever Dad creates. But if you’re old enough, how about picking up that unfinished project that’s been sitting in the storage room forever and finish it together? It won’t just be a fun activity to celebrate Father's Day but the fulfillment of building something together with your dad is something you’d both cherish for the years to come. It may even be an adorable anecdote for the future grandchildren in the family.