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Sally, the unsung hero - International Women's Day 2018

Sally, the unsung hero - International Women's Day 2018

International Women's Day (IWD) Special!
(Don't forget to check out our special event for the ladies on IWD - Thursday 8th March 2018!) 

Just like many people’s perspective that it’s a wife’s duty to take care of the family despite busy work schedule, lack of sleep, muscle aches or health problems - this is her. She also believes that

Tough days don’t last, tough people do!
shoulder pain

She would do whatever it takes for her husband’s and three children’s needs, without hesitation though she might nag and whine all day long. 

That includes her toughest days when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and having to go through chemotherapy, radiotherapy and a surgical procedure, not forgetting all the side effects she experienced such as fatigue, nausea, vomiting, aches, pains etc. Yet, she still remained strong mentally, reminding herself that her family need her to cook, do laundry and other chores every day.

After her operation, she was not able to use her left arm to carry any load. Naturally, she depended entirely on her right arm. Five months of work on her right arm saw it get tired, and injured. It’s like her right arm just decided to give up. She was not even able to lift it to chest height and any attempt to, would result in excruciating pain. Yet she would still continue to do what was necessary around the house. 

She came in to see me and her shoulder started to improve. And because it improved, she did even more because she felt that she could. In doing so, her condition worsened. We put her in a sling, so that she would rest it more, but instead she just endured the pain, and kept doing what was necessary. 

But besides her chores, she also did her exercises and home care routine diligently. In fact she did more. Multiple times every day she would slowly improve her shoulder range of motion. She wants her shoulder to get better and to work properly again, and she persisted with her exercises to make that reality. 

She is really a strong person who does not get defeated. She believes ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’. This is what makes her our every day hero! We are so glad that you now have pain free shoulder movement in all directions and that you can now raise your arm up overhead. It is a huge relief and allows her to not only do what she pleases, without any pain, but she can do more! Amazing! I wish you continued health and happiness.

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 Ps. In the last year, she was recommended to get a knee replacement surgery because she couldn’t walk or even put weight on her knee. But she said no. And every day she did her exercises and willed her knee to get better. And it did! Though not perfect, she’s out of the wheelchair and walking independently. 

PPs. Another amazing woman, and a hugely unsung hero is her daughters Sharon and Sarah. Sharon quit her job to take care of her parents full time, bringing them to all their doctors appointments, chemotherapy, encouraging them to do exercises, bringing them out to walk more and of course chiropractic sessions. Sarah is working hard to help with the family expenses. 

Stress: The Brain-Body Connection

Stress: The Brain-Body Connection

We know the human body adapts to survive on a daily basis. We see this when we encounter a virus and the body adapts to shut it down. It also occurs when we have a fever and the body adapts to take care of it, thus returning the system to homeostasis. When the body is unable to adapt to both the internal and environmental conditions that affect it, it becomes easy for illness to develop and thrive. This is one reason chiropractors take a keen interest in supporting the neurological and physiological systems within the body – so that there are minimal impediments to adaptation, thus allowing the body to thrive and heal.

Is your body a Formula 1 car or a Second-hand sedan?

Is your body a Formula 1 car or a Second-hand sedan?

Do you consider yourself a performance vehicle? Or a second hand sedan? 

Imagine a typical day: Not enough sleep, hectic schedules, poor posture, work stress, difficult clients, office politics, deadlines, overtime, poor food choices, not enough water, chores, looking after kids, cooking, cleaning, ironing, exercise.... which version of you would handle that better? The well-tuned F1 race car, or a second hand sedan?