“This book fills the gap. Everyone knows about doctors, though may have only heard of chiropractic. But exactly what chiropractic is and what it accomplishes is a shady area for many. Often people don’t complain about pain.

When I asked my sister about her visibly painful feet, her reply was “My feet are bad and I’m terrified of falling over”. My reply; “Try chiropractic!”. “No, there’s nothing wrong with me” came the curt answer. 

Now she considers Dr Gary a genius. She constantly refers to the book, does the exercises and walks confidently without pain.

This book acknowledges that many of us have pain, and that something can be done about it. Simple exercises illustrated in the book support the treatment Dr Gary provides. Miracles happen, anxiety flies out the window and another joins the happy band of pain-free folk enjoying life. 

The majority of this who noticed my copy of this book were drawn toit, spoke of their problems and decided “Yes, that’s for me”. One lady took it with her to read and return. I’d recommend you buy a copy and see what miracles it does for you. ”

— Wendy Tai, Educator