Dr Gary shares best practices: practices to help perform at your best, at work or on the track. The suggestions are practical, easy-to-follow and effective. Chapter 20 rang loud and clear for me - my mother was a ‘posture nazi’ and I grew up reminded about standing up straight, sitting upright and walking with good posture. With age, however, I began to let my shoulders sag and I would slouch at the desk. The concept of ‘Powerful Posture’ is an excellent reminder to straighten up, especially when I’m at my desk, and to improve the health and function of the various systems in my body. This book is not only for ‘desk warriors’, but for anyone who wants to live and function at his or her best. We’ve got one life, one body. We owe it to ourselves to pursue optimal health and Dr Gary Tho puts us on the right track.”
— BELINDA FOO, Composer, Arranger and Orchestrator Lecturer, LASALLE College of the Arts, 4 x Singapore Masters Track and Field Gold Medalist 2014