Last year, in September 2015, I went to Dr Gary Tho of ChiropracticWorks for treatment of my injured ankle which had swelled and turned purplish.  After four sessions of treatment the pain in my ankle was healed.

Dr Tho then inquired if I needed any other treatment done.  I told him that I have a nagging pain for years now, starting from the nape of my back; to the sole of my feet and it would give me terrible lower back ache every day. Doing daily housework, groceries and doing exercises was a chore that I did not look forward to. I was constantly feeling tired and in pain from my lower back. Though 64 years of age, I felt like 85 everyday and miserable.

After signing up for a eight session treatment with him, I could feel the pain all over my bodystarted to reduce significantly.  I was able to walk more energetically and do daily household chores far more efficiently and with lesser effort. I started to feel good and renewed and my energy level also went up a few notches. 

I signed up for another 14 session of "maintenance package" and by now, my strength and energy levels improved tremendously. I could move faster during exercises, and doing household chores without tiring out easily. I was beginning to feel closer to my real age.

The most significant discovery or "miracle" after all these treatment, is that, I am now able to squat. For almost 20 years squatting was excruciating for me and I eventuallystopped squatting altogether, going on my fours with some pain, when needed to. Squatting to retrieve something on the floor and getting up again was almost impossible without having tears in my eyes and having to grab or hold on to any support to stand up. It was just too painful and excruciating. 

Now, after all the treatment, I feel so wonderful and just so grateful to Dr Tho for giving me a new lease of life.  He understands the human anatomy so well, while diligently diagnosing the problem, aligning the misaligned joints and bones, treating and healing, to make me whole again.  Together with the various daily exercises he prescribed, I am on my way to wellness again.  Dr Tho is also knowledgeable on other health matters.

Iwould certainly encourage anyone to go visit Dr Tho fortreatment and not to continue to live in pain, like I did before, but to live a full life again. Thank you Dr Tho and my very best wishes to you. 

Siew Khim

chiropractic works singapore. dr gary tho testimonial happy clients

chiropractic works singapore. dr gary tho testimonial happy clients