When I had my daughter, she was having trouble feeding, latching, and sleeping was a nightmare. Endless crying and vomiting after feeds were the norm. I found that consultations with doctors helped very little, if at all. I thought, if my own childhood migraines were cured after I saw a chiropractor, maybe I should see if they could help my daughter. I brought my daughter to Dr Gary, who explained that her head was uneven (flattened on one side) and most likely due to always lying on her left side. It took seven months to balance up, however my daughter's ability to sleep and feed without vomiting showed improvement within a month. I really believe chiropractic is an essential part of my daughter's regular check up's, and will continue to bring her to see Dr Gary. I certainly recommend others to try chiropractic, as it is the only thing that has really worked for us.

- Karina's Mother