Adeline Chua
(88DB iRecommend interview)

“I would like to recommend this wonderful clinic to as many people who need spinal treatment not by drug, painkiller or surgery.”
— Adeline C.

One evening, Adeline Chua, 52, felt an intense and sudden excruciating sharp pain running from her right
hipbone down to her knee. “I had to struggle out of the bath tub and the pain left me out of breath, sweating
and motionless,” she remembers.

She was brought to a hospital where she was given painkiller and warded for three days. “I couldn’t sleep
because the pain was there permanently. The hospital kept prescribing painkillers to me and I lost weight,
sleep, and energy,” she remembers. “Worst of all, I was told by the doctor to go home and to resort to surgery
if the pain didn’t go away.”

Adeline, who has been an member since June, 2007, went home after getting her MRI results,
which revealed ‘disalignment’ of her vertebrae caused by bone degeneration.

“I was in pain for 24 days at home, could not move or walk, and I had to buy a wheelchair at the time of
discharge from hospital and a walking frame to enable me to move at home,” she says.

It was then that a friend recommended Chiropractic, Dr Gary Tho,  to Adeline, who is one of the lucky
winners in our “I Recommend” contest that ended on 30 N􏰀ovember.

What sets it apart from the rest:

“This wonderful chiropractic clinic does not recommend painkillers or any other drugs, and consider surgery only as a last resort. They heal patients by gentle and precise treatment of the spinal column and you get instant results.”

What convinced her to try it:

“I had tried various Eastern physicians for treatment, but there were no visible results. Finally a friend
recommended a chiropractor, Dr Gary Tho, to me. I was curious after reading their articles on non-drug and surgery recovery."

Exactly how good is their service:

“By my second session of chiropractic care, my pain had subsided and I could walk some distance. Gary Tho, the Australian chiropractic doctor who attended to me, is very gentle and attentive to his patients and gives a lot of encouragement, reminding us that our minds can also help in the healing process. By my eighth session, I was able to walk with less pain and I was so glad that I did not have to rely on my wheel chair and walking frame anymore.”

Piece of advice:

“It's regrettable that many people do not know about chiropractic care and I would like to take this
opportunity to recommend this wonderful chiropractic clinic to as many people who needed chiropractic
treatment not by drug nor painkiller nor surgery."

Where can you find them:

360 Orchard Road, #05-10 International Building, Singapore. Tel: 67334439