Heather Hansen
Clear Speech Specialist, Pronunciation and Public Speaking Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Author at Global Speech Academy

I visited Dr. Gary Tho leading up to and throughout my entire pregnancy with my second child. All I can say is that he is a miracle worker! 

Due to sitting in front of my laptop for hours on end, I had a lot of trouble with back, shoulder and neck pain, as well as headaches. Other days, my job required me to be on my feet for long periods and I'm way too stubborn to give up my high heels (as much as Dr. Gary wishes I would), so they made things worse. 

I've been to a few different chiropractors in the past and I can say with all honesty that Dr. Gary is top notch. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable, takes his time to make you feel comfortable and explains everything that he is doing. He keeps up on the most recent research in his field and can recommend different treatments depending on how your body responds and what you are comfortable with. 

I know that everyone responds to chiropractic care differently, but for
me, nothing is better. I could walk into the office with a headache or lower back pain, Dr. Gary would help me, and I'd walk out feeling fantastic. The results are that immediate for me. 

Dr. Gary was especially helpful during my pregnancy and in preparation for the natural birth of my second child. He was treating me from before I was pregnant and up until 36 weeks. He helped to relieve my lower back pain, sinus congestion, and sleeping problems, which enabled me to have a much happier pregnancy! 

I had Dr. Gary do assessments on my children as well. My older one when she was around 1 year old, and my second baby just a week after she was born. This was important to rule out any misalignment that could have occurred during the birthing process, to check on the shape of the skull and ensure the overall health and happiness of my daughter. She slept well, didn't have colic, and was a good eater as a result. 

I highly recommend Dr. Gary to anyone who is suffering from aches and pains, any women who is pregnant or has recently given birth (for herself and her child) or to anyone who is living a healthy lifestyle and is looking for a natural way to maintain balance. 

PS. Dr. Gary is also a supplier of some fantastic ergonomic and exercise products. My absolute favourites are the flip flops I bought which helped to keep me aligned long after my appointments. I took my older daughter to the zoo when I was eight months pregnant and was pushing her around in the stroller and carrying her for over 3 hours. I didn't feel it in my back at all, which was truly amazing at that stage!