Fight the flab & Get FIT! 

No time to exercise? Want to get fit? Know you need to exercise but have no motivation? For those who want to tone up, change up their routine, fit in some exercise into their busy schedule, this is the program for you. A 14 minute workout that trains your arms, legs, core (abs) and also includes whole body exercises to strengthen and tone multiple areas at the same time. Best of all, it's all done without fancy gadgets, equipments or heavy machines. All you need is your good self, a water bottle, towel and a dose of energy. 

Simple DIY workout circuit you can do anywhere - all you need is some space and a water bottle. *sports attire, towel and water is recommended.

  • This is an exercise session to help improve mobility, endurance, and strength for the whole body. 
  • We will learn the various parts of a warm up, and how to include interval training, together with strength and stamina.
  • No level of fitness is required. 
  • All that is required is a fun and willing attitude, workout attire and a water bottle.