Boost your energy: Wake up in the morning STILL TIRED? Need more ENERGY?

Do you feel great every day? Have you ever woken up after 8 hours sleep still feeling tired? With our busy schedules, we don’t have the time for that. Some do some form of exercise to combat fatigue. Others try to sleep more on weekends. Others just run on coffee. 

Come and find out how simple daily decisions affect your energy levels and expression of health. Learn about our body’s ability to cope, and 5 simple actions to prevent energy leaks, and boost energy physically, mentally, emotionally, chemically and spiritually. 

Learn how your body deals with STRESS and what to do BUILD your health and BOOST your energy. 



Dr Gary Tho, the founder of ChiroWorks, and a chiropractor singapore, has over 8 years experience in getting people out of pain, so they get their life back and perform at their best. He works with World Champion athletes, executives, professionals and business owners to overcome ailments like back & neck pain, headaches, arthritis, slipped disc and sports injuries. He is the author of The Pain Free Desk Warrior- Free yourselffrom aches and pains the ultimate pocketbook for those stuck at their desk for more than two hours a day.

Enjoy everyday with no limits.

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