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Gek Choo's Miracle

I lost balance on the bus and injured my lower back. It was painful and I cannot bend and squat. I came to Dr Gary and he adjusted me and taught me some useful stretches.
After the 1st adjustment, my condition improved 80% and I can bend and squat now with no problem.

Tan Gek Choo
Shop Helper

Desirae's Miracle

My back and shoulder area were always stiff because I didn't really take care to cool down after dance trainings. It has been like that for around 4 years. I started to go Chiroworks after a trial session at an event. After a few sessions, I realised my back wasn't as sore as before and my neck was not as stiff. I feel much better now and this refreshed feeling really makes a difference when I work.
Would definitely recommend others.

Desirae Tan

Richard's Miracle

My very first time at a Chiropractor and extremely impressed with the information given and the treatment done.
I had back pain for some time but became very severe and painful for long period. I am travelling
on business but the treatment helped a lot and will do follow up once home in Dubai.
I can certainly recommend coming here and I do feel much better already.. Thank you

Richard Kennedy
Sales Director

Sebastian's Miracle

Sebastian's Miracle

I came to Gary with a horrible headaches and very painful back that i did not allow me to have a normal life.

In a few sessions, my sight improved, the pain in my back got reduced. In a few weeks, my pain disappears, no more headaches and I felt 10 years younger! Best thing I done!

Sebastian B. 
- Sales

Bernard's Miracle

After being diagnosed with a severe case of disc herniation at both L4/5 and L5/S1 level of my spine, I've been advised by orthopaedic doctors and pain specialists to undergo surgery to relieve the pain in my back. I have problems standing, walking, sitting and lost much sleep due to my back pain.

Although I was in a lot of pain daily, I wanted to try all types of non-invasive treatment before opting for surgery. My experience with chiropractic care has been a positive one. I found there were different methods that chiropractors use. I had previously seen other chiropractors, but preferred Dr Gary's method better. Within just 2 weeks of treatment, I made more progress than ever before, and I've stopped taking my pain medications.  I am able to go about my daily life with little, if no pain at all. It was a fantastic feeling. 

I wouldn't hesitate a moment, to recommend chiropractic treatment, and more importantly, Dr Gary, to anyone. 

David's Miracle

A few months ago I had a serious lower back pain from a sporting (tennis) injury. The chiropractic treatment from Dr Gary Tho has really helped me recover and I am now back playing regularly. 

Now I come back for regular maintenance even though I have no pain. This helps me stay flexible and give me confidence that I won't put my back out again. 

Emma's Miracle

For many years I have suffered from back and neck pain, coupled with headaches, insomnia and a general feeling of fatigue. Since my first consultation with Dr Gary Tho, my recovery has been remarkable. Due to my osteoarthritis, I have found the easiest of tasks like carrying a bag or climbing stairs challenging. 

In the months I have been receiving treatment, I have started dragon boating every week, have had no headaches, and was able to climb to the top of Mount Fuji - things that a year ago would have been a pointless venture. 

Not only has my treatment improved my life (and mood!!) significantly, it has educated me on the importance of spinal health and how to encourage my friends and family to do the same. Thank you!

Helen's Miracle

In August 2007, my back and legs were aching. I cannot straighten my back and had difficulty walking. After just 4 treatments, I felt a whole lot better. Thanks to Doctor Gary, I am now pain free and have no problems in walking.

Juanita's Miracle

Dear Dr Gary, You had such a profound effect on my life. 

Through your expertise in healing - both physically and mentally - my life has changed dramatically over the last 4 months. Your amazing ability to heal, your constant optimism and faith, and last but not least, your welcoming smile, has been a lifesaver. (Just ask my husband!!!!!!)

Because of you, I am becoming the person I again aspire to be.

Heather's Miracle

I visited Dr. Gary Tho leading up to and throughout my entire pregnancy with my second child. All I can say is that he is a miracle worker! 

Due to sitting in front of my laptop for hours on end, I had a lot of trouble with back, shoulder and neck pain, as well as headaches. Other days, my job required me to be on my feet for long periods and I'm way too stubborn to give up my high heels (as much as Dr. Gary wishes I would), so they made things worse. 

I know that everyone responds to chiropractic care differently, but for
me, nothing is better. I could walk into the office with a headache or lower back pain, Dr. Gary would help me, and I'd walk out feeling fantastic. The results are that immediate for me. 

Adeline's Miracle

One evening, Adeline Chua, 52, felt an intense and sudden excruciating sharp pain running from her right
hipbone down to her knee. “I had to struggle out of the bath tub and the pain left me out of breath, sweating
and motionless,” she remembers.

She was brought to a hospital where she was given painkiller and warded for three days. “I couldn’t sleep
because the pain was there permanently. The hospital kept prescribing painkillers to me and I lost weight,
sleep, and energy,”

“I was in pain for 24 days at home, could not move or walk, and I had to buy a wheelchair at the time of
discharge from hospital and a walking frame to enable me to move at home,” she says.

It was then that a friend recommended Chiropractic, specifically, Dr Gary Tho.