Gek Choo's Miracle

I lost balance on the bus and injured my lower back. It was painful and I cannot bend and squat. I came to Dr Gary and he adjusted me and taught me some useful stretches.
After the 1st adjustment, my condition improved 80% and I can bend and squat now with no problem.

Tan Gek Choo
Shop Helper

Desirae's Miracle

My back and shoulder area were always stiff because I didn't really take care to cool down after dance trainings. It has been like that for around 4 years. I started to go Chiroworks after a trial session at an event. After a few sessions, I realised my back wasn't as sore as before and my neck was not as stiff. I feel much better now and this refreshed feeling really makes a difference when I work.
Would definitely recommend others.

Desirae Tan

Richard's Miracle

My very first time at a Chiropractor and extremely impressed with the information given and the treatment done.
I had back pain for some time but became very severe and painful for long period. I am travelling
on business but the treatment helped a lot and will do follow up once home in Dubai.
I can certainly recommend coming here and I do feel much better already.. Thank you

Richard Kennedy
Sales Director

Sebastian's Miracle

Sebastian's Miracle

I came to Gary with a horrible headaches and very painful back that i did not allow me to have a normal life.

In a few sessions, my sight improved, the pain in my back got reduced. In a few weeks, my pain disappears, no more headaches and I felt 10 years younger! Best thing I done!

Sebastian B. 
- Sales

Grant's Miracle

After having seen several medical practitioners (over a period of 3 months) about my reoccurring headaches, I made an appointment with Dr Gary. 

Dr Gary took the time to understand my issues, what I had done, and then completed his assessment of my condition.  He recommended having a neck scan before starting with treatment. 

4 treatments later I started to see an improvement. The length and the intensity of the headaches began to subside and I certainly had less stiffness in my neck and shoulders. 

It is great to see the commitment he has to his profession as well as the well being of is clients. Certainly when I am back in Singapore I will be in for another visit. 

testimonial chiro works chiropractor singapore dr gary tho

testimonial chiro works chiropractor singapore dr gary tho

Kathleen's Miracle

Hi Gary, 

We are doing well here in Seattle. We have of course found a good chiropractor. He’s very good though not as good as you, of course. You are exceptionally good with the sports stuff! 

Thank you for all your help over the past couple of years. Thais is staying healthy. His right shoulder and lower back is much much better, and now only a tiny bit of elbow pain. Tennis is going well for him as he slowly works his way up the ranking list here. 

I’m generally feeling great too, although I'm currently suffering from tennis elbow, which I’m sure you would have fixed asap. It is very annoying and interfering with my tennis. Claus is doing well too. He does travel to Singapore on occasions, and I'm sure he'll drop in to see you if he has the time. 

Once again thank you for taking good care of all of us! I wish you all the best. 


Lee's Miracle

Dear Dr Gary,

It has been indeed my pleasure to understand more about Chiropractic treatment through you.
I have been getting very bad headaches and back pain for years. After your intensive and caring treatment, I have never felt this good before! My headaches are gone and I no longer wake up with an aching back!

I had been a bit skeptical about Chiropractic practices in the past, but after knowing you and going through the process and treatment, I must say that those doubts in the past were irrelevant.

Thank you for a job well done and I am looking forward to helping you spread the goodness of Chiropractic treatment.

Yours sincerely, 


Carlin's Miracle

" Performing acrobatics everyday takes a large toll on your body, both physically and mentally. I am constantly in need of chiropractic care. In 2010, I tore the ACL in my right knee.

Dr Gary Tho regularly provides the rehabilitation treatment and instruction that I need keep me in peak physical condition and get me back on track as quickly as possible.

The industry I work in is very competitive, and Dr. Tho is a ‘secret advantage’ over my colleagues.
Thanks Dr Tho! "

Carlin James Brown
Acrobat & Performer

Corinne's Miracle

I started to attend sessions with Dr Gary after I felt significant pain in my ankle during training for my first half marathon. I was concerned that the pain would lead to an injury and I could do some permanent damage. Gary was very helpful with the initial injury and clearly explained what the issue was and why it was occurring. He performed some work on my ankle which, whilst not without quite a bit of discomfort (!) , were very effective. In the short term my ankle injury cleared up, and when I unfortunately subsequently damaged a bone in my foot, Gary was very helpful in supporting a successful recovery and ensuring that  no enduring effects were felt.

I have continued to work with Gary in the lead up to races and find that sessions help to ensure that my training is healthy and successful. However other benefits I have noticed are reduced general back and shoulder pain from daily activities, and a much better understanding of my own body and how to remain aligned and healthy. I will certainly continue to regularly attend appointments and would recommend others to also try this out.

- Corinne
Senior Manager, Standard Chartered Bank

Baby Josh's Miracle

"I was stressed to the max dealing with an unsettled and persistently crying baby, who seemed uncomfortable sleeping on his back and generally not very happy.  By the time he was 6 weeks old, I was looking for anything or anyone to help and fortunately came across Dr Gary.  Within 2 weeks of treatment, my son had improved significantly and was crying less and sleeping better on his back - he was like a different baby!  I continued with regular treatments for several months and my son experienced no colic or reflux like so many other babies, and became happier and more settled.  I have no doubt that the work Dr Gary with him was the reason for the improvement.  Even now he is 9 months old, we still see Dr Gary periodically to keep things on track.  I would highly recommend him for any babies/infants who show symptoms of colic, reflux, poor sleeping and who are generally a bit unsettled."

Ms S. - A loving Mom. 

Daniel's Miracle

My golf injury 15 years ago surfaced when age catching up. I had been suffered from woke up in pain every night since 5 years ago. I didn't want to rely on medicine. I had tried many treatments, but the relief was only last for couples of day, at best. I gave a try without expectation when seeing Dr. Gary Tho last year. He told me that the pain was caused more than just the spot of injured muscle, and he explained it with layman examples without medical jargon. With his "magic hands",  I had no more sleepless night till now.

Daniel T.

Ann's Miracle: Being able to exercise again

I had struggled with repeating prolapses in my lower back and an injured hamstring over several years, when I was recommended to see Dr. Gary. I used to be very active, but at this time I was hardly able to do any kind of exercise. This was my first encounter with a chiropractor, and I was a bit skeptical. After a couple of sessions with Dr. Gary I started to feel a big improvement - and together with his repeating advice to listen to my body and be more aware, today I'm pain free and able to exercise like I want to! I can strongly recommend Dr. Gary, he's very professional, honest and extremely good at what he's doing. 


Baby Karina's Miracle

When I had my daughter, she was having trouble feeding, latching, and sleeping was a nightmare. Endless crying and vomiting after feeds were the norm. I found that consultations with doctors helped very little, if at all. I thought, if my own childhood migraines were cured after I saw a chiropractor, maybe I should see if they could help my daughter. I brought my daughter to Dr Gary, who explained that her head was uneven (flattened on one side) and most likely due to always lying on her left side. It took months to balance up, however my daughter's ability to sleep and feed without vomiting showed improvement within a month. I really believe chiropractic is an essential part of my daughter's regular check up's, and will continue to bring her to see Dr Gary. I certainly recommend others to try chiropractic, as it is the only thing that has really worked for us.

- Karina's Mother

Siew Khim's Miracle

Last year, in September 2015, I went to Dr Gary Tho of ChiropracticWorks for treatment of my injured ankle which had swelled and turned purplish.  After four sessions of treatment the pain in my ankle was healed.

Dr Tho then inquired if I needed any other treatment done.  I told him that I have a nagging pain for years now, starting from the nape of my back; to the sole of my feet and it would give me terrible lower back ache every day. Doing daily housework, groceries and doing exercises was a chore that I did not look forward to. I was constantly feeling tired and in pain from my lower back. Though 64 years of age, I felt like 85 everyday and miserable.... read more

Choo Ling Er's Miracle

As the fastest Singaporean female and Asia Pacific Age Group Female Champion, I've won races.  For the longest time, I have been bug with tightness on my hips flexor that limits the intensity I could push on my bike and run. What many don't know, is I have a team that I work with to achieved these goals. Dr Gary is the best Chiro I've ever worked with. He treated and sorted my hips, and now I train without feeling I have any issue at all. I am so looking forward to my races at the world championships! Thank you Doc Gary!

Choo Ling Er,
Fastest SEAsian Ironman female triathlete
Asia Pacific Female AG champion

Mable's Miracle

I was sent a beautiful card from Mable. She suffered from an L5 disc herniation (slipped disc) that compressed the nerves in her spine, causing back and leg pain, and numbness. I told her I'd give her a 50-50 chance I can help her avoid surgery. Here's what she wrote in the card:

What a relief! 
Chiropractic is definitely a good choice in my case!! Am still swimming, walking and exercising.

Dear Gary
Thank you so much for fixing me with your work and your magic touch. 
Mable :) 

Rachel's Miracle

I suffered from severe neck and back pain for a long time. During my pregnancy, the pain became even worse. I couldn't stand it anymore and I had to do something to fix it. I was recommended to seek care from Dr Gary. It was such a relief. For me, it really helped me to ease the pain and allow my neck and back to relax throughout my pregnancy. Ever since I started seeing Dr Gary, I never had any back or neck strain, not even the pain I experienced before pregnancy. I slept throughout the night even during my last trimester. I can't thank him enough! I never knew I could see a chiropractor when I'm pregnant. Now I recommend all my pregnant friends to seek Dr Gary's help. 

Make-up artist, hair stylist and Skin-care specialist. 

Marg's Miracle

"Hello Dr Gary, I am pain free with my left heel! You are a genius! "

Margaret from Australia

T. Lee's Miracle

"I don't know what you did but the pain went away. Thank you! I was worried that I am not able to walk on the streets of Paris."

T. Lee

John's Miracle

Hi Gary, 

I wanted to drop you a short note to thank you for what you have done to change my life. I have now left Singapore but I know that the approach you have to medicine will ensure your magic touch stays with me. 

When I came to see you I had problems with my Achilles. You resolved that one quite easily but during our conversation I mentioned to you issues I had been having with neck pain for some time. This was something I had come to accept even though it was impacting my life. I was in pretty much constant pain which at times was debilitating. I had been to see many physio's who usually gave me temporary relief but never a solution. After a few sessions with yourself, you remained focused ont he root cause rather than the symptom (the pain in my neck). Finally it came down to how I slept which seems so simple and if only I had found this a few years earlier. 

As I said, I am now pretty much pain free and the change in my life is immeasurable. I am a huge fan of your approach to medicine Dr Gary and I do hope that many more patients have the same life changing experience I have had.