Free yourself from aches and pains

The Pain-Free Desk Warrior: Free Yourself From Aches and Pains is the definitive guide for those stuck at a desk for more than two hours a day.

This book highlights the benefits and blind spots of our current daily habits, and provides proven practical tips that have changed thousands of lives. Start living a healthy, productive and happier life today! The Pain-Free Desk Warrior is available at selected stores, Amazon and at ChiroWorks, Orchard. 


This book will show you how to:

  • STOP letting pain drain you. It's so tiring enduring even those annoying aches.
  • STOP avoiding. Because over time, you'll be avoiding more and more and doing less and less. 
  • STOP accepting it as 'normal'. We can reclaim our lives, happiness and energy.
  • STOP letting pain prevent you from doing the easy stuff - sitting, sleeping, standing, bending and walking.
  • STOP blaming it on weakness, overweight, genetics or old age. It's your body and your life. You get to choose how you feel.
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Dr Gary offers easy-to-follow exercises to improve your health, posture and fitness that you can weave into your day. This book is so valuable I’ve bought this book for my whole team.
— Alistair H. COO, MNC Banking & Finance

Why should you read it?

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Back and neck pain is affecting almost all of us!

More and more people suffer needlessly from the PAIN PROBLEM. Over $3.5 Billion was spent last year in Singapore on injuries, aches and pains. Many of us are stuck seated at our desk, and when we get home, stuck seated staring at screens all night long - thus creating many health concerns, including headaches, neck and shoulder pain, back pain, and the like. So many people live with pain and don't bother doing anything about it. Without realising, they've let pain dictate their lives.

Address the mindset and the Problem

If you're always looking for the quick fix, you're always going to complain when the pain comes back. This book makes sure you get well because you first change the misconceptions and mindset.

If you understand the underlying cause of the pain and problem, you'll realise theres more that just 'tight', 'weak' or 'overstrained' muscles. Or that pain is inevitable because that's just what happens when you age.

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So many solutions

There are 17 chapters dedicated to getting you better. Everything from Time Management (Pro Tip: Your morning starts from the night before) to Sit or Stand? and Self Massage is included. Not to mention the usual suspects like Correct Sitting Position, What is Good Posture, what are the Best Ab/Core Exercises, and how to get Expert Advice from the Right Expert. 

Did you know that for every copy of my book sold, I give 6 months worth of reading materials to disadvantaged girls in Cambodia? Cool right? You get to read something valuable and so do they!

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Praise for The Pain-Free Desk Warrior

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