Wendy Tai

“This book fills the gap. My sister considers Dr Gary a genius. She constantly refers to the book, does the exercises and walks confidently without pain.

This book acknowledges that many of us have pain, and that something can be done about it. Simple exercises illustrated in the book support the treatment Dr Gary provides. Miracles happen, anxiety flies out the window and another joins the happy band of pain-free folk enjoying life.  I’d recommend you buy a copy and see what miracles it does for you... . read more.

— Wendy Tai, Educator

Joel Krueger

“I found the chapter on time management most interesting and useful. The reduction and elimination of pain and stress is difficult for executives spending considerable amount of time in the office, behind screens and forced to be in a sitting position for most of the day. The book highlights the impact of how having a good start to your day and having positive relationships can improve your health and reduce stress and pain. Living a healthier lifestyle does not mean finding hours and hours to spend in the gym or running 5km everyday but encompasses a variety of healthy habits. This realization is helpful to people who are short of time and lost as to how to feel better. The book is easy to read and can serve as a quick guidebook for the busy professional to help them make better choices throughout their life.”

— JOEL KRUEGER Regional Investment Officer, Prudential Corporation Asia

Andrew Jones

“I love Gary’s book because it talks about a healthy attitude as well the healthy mechanics of sitting and standing. I meet many people who ‘feel’ tied to their desks. They don’t seem thrilled about the hours they spend at work and grumble about their aches and pains – not really clear whether it’s the mind or body that’s holding them back from enjoying a day work. Gary addresses both, holistically. Now I know which book to give them!”

— ANDREW JONES Executive Coach

Belinda Foo

“Dr Gary shares best practices: practices to help perform at your best, at work or on the track. The suggestions are practical, easy-to-follow and effective. Chapter 20 rang loud and clear for me - my mother was a ‘posture nazi’ and I grew up reminded about standing up straight, sitting upright and walking with good posture.  This book is not only for ‘desk warriors’, but for anyone who wants to live and function at his or her best. We’ve got one life, one body. We owe it to ourselves to pursue optimal health and Dr Gary Tho puts us on the right track..... read more...

— BELINDA FOO, Composer, Arranger and Orchestrator Lecturer, LASALLE College of the Arts, 4 x Singapore Masters Track and Field Gold Medalist 2014

Callum Laing

“I’ve had the pleasure to get to know Dr Gary over the past couple of years and his knowledge on this subject matter is second to none. More importantly for me as a business owner is that Gary recognises the stresses that executives are under and his advice is designed to fit alongside the busy lifestyles we all lead. As a successful entrepreneur himself, he leads by example. This book is jam- packed with golden advice, from your morning routines, the nutrition you put into your body and the posture you adapt at the office. Read it, apply it and you’ll get back in control of the most important tool we own – our bodies.”

— CALLUM LAING, Business owner & Investor

LayYong Ooi

“As someone who suffers from chronic neck and shoulder pains, I know how frustrating one feels. Even more so, when there is so much information you don’t know, what to believe or whom to consult. This book is very well suited for professionals who don’t have the time, and need to know quickly and easily how to address their aches and pains. It’s timely Dr Gary raised the point that many people tend to live with their pain, or accept it as part of ageing. It does not have to be so. We can still live the life we want – if – we are willing to take the steps outlined in this book.

— OOI LAY YONG, Co-founder BodyTree Gymnastic Strength Training Author, Born to Move

Alistair H.

“Most books assume you are sat comfortably and then require you to engage mind and imagination at leisure. The Pain-free Desk Warrior acknowledges that in the corporate world, taking responsibility for our own well-being isn’t always top of the to-do list. Even if it were, few of us really know how. Dr Gary offers easy-to-follow exercises to improve your health, posture and fitness that you can weave into your day, prompted by whatever fit-gadget you favour. This book is so valuable I’ve bought this book for my whole team. Best of all, it’s so discrete even your secretary won’t notice!”

— ALISTAIR H. COO, MNC Banking & Finance

Esther Tok

One of the most useful books I have read so far! A concise and easy to read guide on understanding pain and our body. The sitting exercise tips are a must read for all desk bound workers like myself.

- Esther Tok, LinkedIn Regional Senior Analyst